Small hitman youtube channels


Why do you need money to make videos?


10k views is nothing. Even if you had monetisation on ever since your channel was created, 10k views would give you like 10 bucks and I’m being extremely optimistic here.

And if your channel has less than 10k views on its lifetime, you do not have a userbase willing to donate to you in any significant portion.


It requires a lot of effort, and it has changed from being a hobby to a full-time job/investment for thousands of people these days.


Those are no affected by this measure, since anyone doing YouTube full time has long surpassed 10k views.


Yeah but you shouldn’t start making fun (hitman) videos with the intentions to make money.


I was answering your question on why money is required.


Well who says it needs to be a full-time job. Most of the ‘‘full-time’’ youtubers make allot of shit content just to push 1 video per day out. They start with a concept that makes them popular and then suddenly feel the urge to make shit content in between.


I don’t know where you’re going with this? Nobody said it needs to be a full-time job. If you want to vent about how people are making money through cheap videos, use the Reply button and not the “Reply to me” button. :slight_smile:


My post:

Your reply:

and then I reply back to you…


Still not comprehending how it states that it requires to be a full-time job.


Let me get this straight:

I’m saying : why do people need money
You say: because its their full time job
Im saying: well that doesn’t need to be, because it’s shit content most of the time anyway.
You say: Nobody said it needs to be a full-time job. (so we agree)

then you start to ask me to explain why it requires to be a full time job. Why? I’m not saying it requires to be a full-time job XD

you’re stating people need money…


Can you get Pension from youtube:|?


Making videos requires effort. And it has (sadly) become full-time jobs for several people out there. So, money is required.

It doesn’t need to be a full-time job, and my original reply didn’t imply that. People will unfortunately go on making bad videos for money for which nothing really can be done from our end.

Alright now? :slight_smile:


what is the best way to record in game sound and sound from a mic simultaneously ?

can this be done in OBS ?


Not sure, I use the windows 10 dvr


Well, anyway, my point is that the new 10 000 views restriction just sort of happened one day, you didn’t get an e-mail or a message inside Youtube about the change, not even a cryptic “we’ve changed our Terms of Use, here’s a 57 page document; it’s in there, somewhere, we promise!”. You just had to notice that it happened. Youtube is just like that about things like this.

There’s also a new “approval” step before monetizing and it’s unclear what that entails. So things are rolling back a step to the days before anyone could monetize. I guess it makes sense and, yup, 10k views is worth no money and is very few views if you happen to be fairly popular. But it is an extra hurdle for the little guy… Oh well, I think the gold rush for youtubers is mostly over now anyway.


Yeah you can do it with OBS. There are many Tutorials on youtube how to use it and what the best settings are.


I’m not sure about it, because I don’t care about monetization.


OBS is Open Broadcaster Software is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Stream to Twitch, YouTube and many other providers or …


I guess we can thank political correctness and the Wall Street Journal for that!