Small hitman youtube channels


so I could even record myself on webcam simultaneously while playing a game and don’t even have to go to the trouble of syncing it ?


47 dies in that one.


Yes you can do that. But how that i don’t know.
There are for the tutorials video’s on youtube how to do that.
I don’t use OBS. I just know it. Because many gamers use it.
I use Elgato Game Capture


Here’s my new video ;):


Few of the Latest Featured Contracts:

Tunnel Snake Rules!

A Hard Bargain.


My channel is my name.


Latest vid. Bangkok Sniper Assassin with a twish in the Queen Suite bathroom.


Just hit 100 subs today, thanks to everyone who likes my “content”!


People who do it full time are self employed, so yes, they can get pension.


small collab with @Vinnie_Sinistra :heart:


To me, this music doesn’t match the gameplay and atmosphere. The current music does. It’s cool you’re not into the current ost, but it does match the feel of the current game.

The music you used felt out of place. Maybe cuz it was Sapienza? Not sure what it was, but it felt like it shouldn’t have been there. There are times where a good Jesper Kyd track works. I do use it in some of my cinemtic episodes along with the current ost. But Depending on what’s going on, it can feel good or feel off.

Here’s what I did with the black hat et. I start by using the current ost, then Jesper comes in, then exit with current ost.


Congrats man! I know how good that feels.


This is my channel. Especially about Hitman. But also about other games.


I’d like to recommend someone that I consider a pretty good Hitman youtuber but isn’t very well known

He does all sorts of runs, but I’ll post this one specifically, which was the one that made me subscribe and was in result of some talks about the Lancer. Just see the magic


Here is my YouTube channel I show walkthroughs and speed run’s to Hitman Games. Although I tend to do other things on this channel but you can find some of my hitman content on here which I had fun making of and I hope you enjoy.

Some of the videos below:

If you have an idea on what you’d like to be my next video to be, you are more than welcome to share ideas with me. :wink:


Pretty awesome, nice job ! :+1:


Hello 47’s,

I’ve started uploading my playthrough of Codename 47 to my new youtube channel:
TheoPentone555 Gaming

the idea of this ‘cheap run’ is to spend as little credits as possible, as in I’m buying just the knife or no weapons at all on each level.

I won’t be talking at all in this series, but I plan to record a walkthrough in the future.

I hope you enjoy this and subscribe to my channel.

my first few are up now and more will be coming very soon


I’m live on twitch:


So I’ve noticed people simply disliking my videos on probably cause they can’t replicate my run. I mean I am not giving out walk throughs. Kinda demotivating


Dislikes don’t mean anything tho, it’s just another view.

I get dislikes on most of the videos