Small hitman youtube channels


Who dislikes Hitman videos? Shadow Client?


He will only dislike hitman videos when in the future comes out a mission where he is the target :wink:


I can still imagine him in the server room in Colorado, watching the videos and ominously uttering “Fire extinguisher? Don’t be silly. This. Isn’t. A game.”


Final boss battle. Choose one peice of gear to fight the Shadow Client.

Walks out with a fire extinguisher.


My little cousin started a Hitman series using my account (she’s a noob, but she plays better than pewdiepie) the videos are in portuguese but in case u wanna check them out… Here’s the playlist:


I started this series when I will 100% complete all the challenges I haven’t completed yet, enjoy the 1st episode:


I’ve also done some recent featured contracts if you guys wanna check it out :slight_smile:


My Channel:


HITMAN The Matsuda-San Contract 3:31
Did this featured contract yesterday for the first time.
I know the contract is one year old but i don’t care.
You can play Hitman games for ever !!


No Guns , No Saving, Non-Stop Combat


I recently went though my analytics and discovered that 53% of my dislikes happened on a single day. Basically I got in an argument with a couple of guys on reddit, so they found my channel and systematically went through and disliked all of my videos. Must have been pretty triggered to put in that much effort.

I also noticed another spike earlier this month. I called out a guy on r/HiTMAN for creating multiple spam accounts to promote his videos. In the process, I happened to discover he was from India. When I check my analytics, I have six dislikes in a single day on old videos - all of which were from India.


I need to check this out on one of my videos.


HITMAN The Art Of Revenge Challenge Pack 3:58


Thanks cheese your awesome m8 here’s a link to my channel if anyone’s interested lol


This is my new channel. It’s 100 hundred percent mine, so it’s definitely amazing :sunglasses::sunglasses:


You can find me here

If anyone subs me, let me know and I will do same back




Likewise my friend :slight_smile:


I’m subbed to you m8


What’s your channel so I can sub back