Sniper assassin competition face scan

What happened to the “Get your face in game” thing?

I thought the best “The last yardbird” player could get his own face in to the game…

But i never heard from this again. Did you?
Does someone knows what has become of this challenge and who has won?

It was indeed the highest score (for each platform) in the said mission. However, it was also the pre-order bonus version, not the one in the current Hitman 2. The competition has ended when Hitman 2 went for sale (Nov 13th, 2018), and the winners have been announced, too.

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I thought the person who won is going to get his face in an expansion pass level * cough cough* the bank

We winners (@CHAOS_AGENT_45, @Jack9mm and me) will appear sometime somewhere. :slightly_smiling_face:


and let me guess, you are not allowed to tell us more ? :smiley:

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I think I am allowed, but they don’t tell us more either. :laughing:


did they scan your faces like sean bean?

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No sadly not, we had to send in some photos.

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Aw damn, but wouldn’t they have had to have been like some real high quality special photos or something?

Yeah high resolution frontal pictures which you can do with a proper digital camera or at a photographer.


Gonna be awesome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:…maybe in the Bank already? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Hope they didn’t make you pay for a photographer :sweat_smile:

Still waiting for my whole body to get scanned in some time…

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they didn’t scan sean bean’s face either. the artist recreated his face from scratch and with reference images. (and they did an awesome job, too)


My face is in Hitman 2, I am the inspiration for the sexy motherfucker Dawood Rangan


will they use your real names?

They will, and will probably add a sister for each of them to tell them go to work. :wink:


I think that the winners will be in either The Bank location or The Resort or some other new mission down the road.

Lol. You get comment of the day.

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Isn’t that @IndianAgent47? :3

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