Sniper Assassin discussion thread

So I was playing Himmelstein and Hantu port today to try and get silent assassin and over a million points. Although sniper assassin definitely has it’s flaws I think it is a mode with a lot of potential. The first 2 maps have served as great introductions to io’s concept and I hope the sniper assassin maps that follow in expansion 2 and hitman 3 are of equal quality. I think this thread could serve as a general thread for ideas and complaints about the mode. For me I have a few ideas for a few new maps:

  • A research facility, this could lead to some really fun accident kills and could really let io have fun with the idea for example having a bunch of mutant rats being about to be set free by 47’s sniper to maul a target.
  • An evening dinner party, I think this would be cool as a darker more quiet map. This could involve targets leaving a heavily guarded house for a cigarette break as a kill opportunity and also having everyone vomit cos of 47 shooting another conveniently placed box of rat poison.

I know the ideas are a bit vague and rough I just think the mode needs a good variety of locations and objectives to keep it fun. Although Hantu port had the hostages to worry about it plays very similarly to Himmelstein which I think is a shame, I think this is down to a few of the modes flaws which I will list now:
-firstly the bullet distractions are too necessary and makes the npcs feel lifeless and robotic, I’m not all about ‘immersion’ but I wish there were more ways to distract people like shooting a generator for example rather than just shooting the ground and having a guard chase the noise like a cat with a laser pointer.
-secondly accident kills need a serious buff. Why should I bother using them and why should io put some much effort into them if they get treated like a normal sniper kill? I think it should be so that if 3 accident killed bodies are found then an evac can start rather than after 1 being found.
-thirdly the progression needs a big change, in all the normal hitman maps I feel like I’m getting something by unlocking mastery but why should I bother getting 20/20 mastery on himmelstein just for another shockwave bullet, it’s pointless. I would recommend being able to use different rifles and maybe, and this is a stretch being given the ablility to unlock different weather. I highly doubt this would happen but imagine choosing the weather before entering a map. You could have it raining for more electric kills in puddles or maybe have it dark and have limited guard vision. It’s a major stretch and probs wouldn’t work but still it would be interesting.

Anyway let me know what you guys think and your ideas for the mode.


Great idea! I definitely think this would be a worthy modification of the rules.

Being able to swap rifles would be nice.

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I want the ability to no scope and one day be able to complete the entire mission without ever aiming down sight