Sniper Assassin Feedback Thread



Please put any issues, problems (or praise!) in this thread for anything related to the newly released Sniper Assassin. Please tell us your platform, country and be as specific as possible.

This will make it a lot easier for us to track what’s happening. Thanks!


I have no friends to play multiplayer with. Is this a bug or is my life supposed to be this empty? Please release friends DLC


I’m enjoying this far more than I thought I would have. Haven’t played any of the previous Hitman sniper based games but this is really cool.


I have heavy framerate issues when I reload the rifle, I am on PC in the Netherlands




Yeah same for me. It’s not very smooth.


Here it goes my humble feedback:
Performance wise is running good on my PS4 Pro. A little fps drops but nothing out of the ordinary.
The point system and how the challenges work towards mastery is probably what surprised me the most (for good), along with the upgrade system. Now you only need to add a $ sign before the points :smirk:
Here’s where I’d like to suggest something. The ability to go back on the upgrades. Meaning, if eventually the day comes when you can put a laser sight or some other upgrade then have the ability tu deactivate it, because as it is now, you can only add, but not remove what you obtained.
I loved the level, it feels complex and full. Very polished. The briefing was very good too, very “professional” without Diana over acting the part.
The way the targets (and non-targets aswell) react and interact feel very good. The “SITUATION CONTAINED” is an excellent and very welcome addition. The story very compelling too, loved the Sparrow link.
However, my biggest disappointment is the lack of blood pools and how that might result in HITMAN 2.
But overall, a surprisingly good experience.

On the co-op mode…, I’m not totally sold on it. Not because of the format but because it might represent to the story of Hitman. I’d rather the characters be aislated from the lore/story.

A score? Probably 9.5/10. And I’m a picky bast*rd.

Send my congratulations to the team! I’m (and can see the other players too) am very happy eith how everything is going!



accident mechanic is dead?
when i killed a target with accident (like dropped speaker, explosions etc.)
it gets reported when seen and targets are evacuating.


Oh yes I forgot that!! I want to know about that too


I think it’s the same behaviour in HITMAN Sniper for mobile.


Yeah I don’t get it either. Well I can understand that happening when an explosion goes off but it happens also if one single person sees another NPC getting electrocuted, for example. That makes no sense, it should be like in The Vector.


Ya, accident kills don’t work like accidents in hitman. It kinda renders them useless.

Also, not sure about anyone else, but I feel the bullet distract shot proximity is too large.

Why is there no bullet impact or panic for NPCs after a second bullet distraction?

Maybe this game is designed a bit differently and I’m just not used to it like how it is in HITMAN™.


I can’t connect to the server
It says unable to connect
I’m playethe game on PS4
I’m in Iran but my Playstation account is USA cause there was no Iran :confused:

Edit: I just tried connecting in the main game
It works fine
But can’t connect to the server in sniper assassin


Any chance support couch co-op mode for all platform after released HITMAN 2 ?


I have heavy stuttering no matter what settings, can’t play it at all. The fps is okayish for a big view like this, but 100% CPU usage makes the game constantly and regularly freeze which is way worse. i5-6600k @ 4.1 GHz, 16 GB RAM, GTX 970, Windows 10, latest drivers etc etc. Belarus.


I like this mode, very stressing lol.

What I dislike a bit is how when a target is shot while moving, the push of the bullet is way weaker than the momentum of the target. Might need a bit tweaking.

EDIT: Seems like it doesn’t violate SA if a target is finding a body/noticing a kill when killed early enough. This has to be in the maingame too!


Getting severe stuttering issues on PC, when scoping in my FPS gets really low. I have a 1060, 16GB of ram and an i5 6500 and I can run most AAA games on high with good fps. Many are suffering from this. I asked on the discord and some have it and on reddit there’s the same (


Jesus Christ you’ve been making me laugh for over a year now.


Yeah, I don’t get the bit with accidents in Sniper Assassin. They’re either pointless or don’t work.

And how do civilians trigger alerts when they don’t have radios? I hope the whole game doesn’t operate like that where body found + time limit = alarm.


I really doubt that this is going to be a thing in Hitman 2. Lol imagine that mass panic in the whole city when one body gets found.

And at least they don’t count against bodies found so you can get the SA bonus…right?