Sniper Assassin Feedback Thread


Hey im in Usa Ny on ps4 …my sniper assassin was working fine yesterday ,but last night at 6pm eastern …it wouldnt let me play …my internet connection is great ,i even called ps for support to double check … it says on the screen your connection to hitman server has been lost …there was a network error…please check your internet connection…but i can play season 1 hitman and anything else fine …its just this sniper game that i wanna really play is drivong me nuts…please help , there any restricting or something ???


I’m having the same problem
I have downloaded it today
My internet works fine
I can play season 1 online
But can’t connect to sniper assassin server
I’m on PS4


Cant pre-order i am in Denmark


Severe FPS drops and stuttering on PC, main game runs fine on highest settings, but SA no matter the settings runs with stutters.


This should be changed, as of right now it’s as exploitable as the fetch trick as you can lead an npc anywhere you want with infinite bullet distractions.

As others have reported, accident kills don’t work. I have to imagine this is unintentional.


I tried veryfying game files (maybe it’ll help with the stuttering, who knows?) and the game isn’t working anymore lol, when I try to run it I get this:


The repeatable bullet lures are fine and they’re clearly intentional. Same with accidents raising the alarm. (Though I think this might have been a late change? There’s little reason to take the opportunity that makes Maison chew out the cook… except that it makes him stand near a FE. Pretty useless in the game’s current form.)

The mechanics are better for sniper gameplay this way, I think. Doesn’t have to be the same as the main game.

Though I wish there was a way to make people panic without ruining SA, or make civilians report bullet impacts to guards. Those are mechanics in the main game that I exploit all the time when making sniper contracts.


How can accidents triggering evacuation be intentional? There are so many points of electrocution, speaker or explosion accidents set up in relatively public places, that by design they are all worthless if the body is not allowed to be found.

Also why is it fine that we can lure people around infinitely without them becoming suspicious or afraid.


They’re not worthless. They offer different amounts of points. You can chain environment kills for big points.

And explosives let you get multi kill bonuses.

Plus, electrocutions let you lay traps. My current preferred opening is to immediately kill Lee’s bodyguards by the helicopter and then hit a sprinkler and lamp on her path. No one sees her body and if I want I can later on knock it into a pool for the hidden body bonus. Before she even leaves the helicopter, I’ve ensured her death.


I’m experiencing horrible stuttering on my PC.

i53570k @ 4,4 GHz
GTX 1080
16GB DDR3 1600MHz

Hitman2016 ran smoothly in 1440p, but Sniper Assassin wont even run in 1080p without heavy frame drops.
On the brink of being unplayable

Tried updating drivers but has made no difference.


@Travis_IOI please fix this issue
I can’t connect to the server for like 10 hours now
I’m on PS4
I live in Iran (sadly)



This player has issues launching the game:


Bad stuttering ingame makes it pretty much unplayable. Doesn’t matter what graphic settings I use. Hitman 2016 worked perfectly fine. Already tried updating my drivers.

RX 480 and a recent i5 7600 CPU


Am on PS4 in Australia.
Downloaded the game yesterday & all attempt to access have resulted in ‘Connection Failed’ message.

"Unable to connect to the HITMAN service. Failed to fetch online resources from the Hitman server. For more information, contact HITMAN support.”

Any ideas please?


Very bad stuttering, basically unplayable for me.

R9 380 4gb
16gb ram

Hitman 2016 gets a consistent 60fps at 1080p on a mix of medium/high settings.


Really big oven they have in that kitchen though. Almost big enough to hide a body in!


I have the same problem
Not fixed yet


Alright, to me ol’ pals at IO: I’ve been playing both singleplayer and co-op modes and I can so far tell you what I would personally like to see polished up:

• The framerate issue.
Probably the most common problem for everyone. The stuttering is mostly noticeable when I’m outside the scope view, looking around. This should definitely be the top priority to get fixed.

• Occasional physics bugs.
Sometimes I’ll shoot a guy and he’ll go slapstick flying. Other times, I’ll drop a speaker on someone and they’ll go flying sideways. And, I’m not exactly sure of this one, but it’s like some of the guards manage to completely deflect my bullets with their binoculars.

• Inner-circle reticle looks a bit pixelated.
Not sure if it’s just my personal nitpick, but I especially notice it when I play as Stone. The blue circle around my crosshair just looks a bit too blurry/pixelated.

• Audio options for voices.
Let’s face it, after replaying with your friend for 20 restarts, you’re gonna start getting a bit irritated from the repetitive dialogue between Knight and Stone. If you could please add an option to set the voice volume, or better yet, a gameplay option to disable non-essential dialogue entirely, my friend would be especially thankful for it.

• Auto-reload option.
I believe Sniper Challenge had auto-reload, but it’d be great if there was a gameplay option to switch it on/off.

That’s about as much as I can think of right now, might make some replies to this later if I come up with anything else. Here’s the misc info you requested on my part:
Location: UK
Platform: PC
Specs: GTX 1060 6GB, Intel i5-4690, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, Windows 10. Ran the game on the highest settings.

Loving the game so far anyway, keep it up IO :heart:


What exactly is challenge multiplier? The previous unlocked challenges should not be applied to a single round of game, while the completion of challenges in one round of game should be made as the challenge multiplier.


Somehow I’m not having any stuttering problems currently even though when I played the first time I was…That’s a good thing but weird considering nothing has been patched and others are still having the problem.