Sniper Assassin Feedback Thread


I have the same problem too (PS4, USA), only Thursday I could play but since Friday I cannot connect to the server:sob:
I tried to delete and re-download the game but there was no improvement…


For how long will this game be available? @Lasse_IOI


I don’t think I understand? Sniper Assassin is a game mode in Hitman 2.


I think they’re asking if this gamemode will only be avaliable for those who pre-ordered H2, or if we’ll still be able to get it after the full game is released.


Ah, that part of the game structure I’m not that familiar with. Perhaps @Travis_IOI knows more than me and can help you out!


Definitely having a bug where bullets go straight through binoculars, it seems. Have to aim below the binoculars. I find some of the mechanics confusing, as accidents seem useless. I was unable to connect to multi-player with Mendietinha…infinite loading screens. Haven’t noticed the frame rate issues people are mentioning.

As far as overall style, I’ve gotta be totally honest…the multi-player feels so removed from Hitman because of those characters. If I just saw multi-player gameplay, I’d have NO idea it was a Hitman game. The girl looks especially ridiculous, and when I first watched multi-player gameplay, I initially thought the voice actress was a random person recording over the game for YouTube. REALLY takes me out of it. Feels like you needed lines at the last minute of a deadline and grabbed a random friend to record them and used all the first takes. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

On the positive side, I’m having a ton of fun with the game, and I think it’s a cool strategy to release this with the pre-orders to generate buzz and keep people occupied with the Hitman brand until release. Incredibly excited for the full game, and though I actually really enjoyed the episodic nature of HITMAN, it will be interesting to have a full game on release, though I worry about bugs and stability, given the state of things even releasing a level at a time, previously. With that said, I wish the dev team the best. You guys are amazing, and thank you for continuing to bring us content throughout publisher changes, release strategy changes, etc.!


Thanks for all the feedback and the nice words :slight_smile:

Let’s just agree that binoculars are a bit too robust atm. We should be able to fix that.

As for accidents, Sniper Assassin uses different concepts and rule sets than what has existed in S1. In Sniper Assassin using environmental props to kill your targets nets you “Environmental Kill” bonuses. These kills do not hide the bodies, but are risky kills that will grant you a large score bonus.
Certain large objects will be able to prevent bodies from being found, but they are rare in Himmelstein.

About the technical issues, that’s a shame. Not much I can do from my side, but all I can do is encourage you guys to give us as complete feedback as possible regarding the problems and we will do our best to fix the issues some of you are experiencing.


I recorded my error at my PS4 at USA.
It seems like… connection to the server is fine, but there is an error starting the contract.
On the same PS4, some internet, I can start the game and play Hitman (2016) now.
Does it help to solve the issue?


can’t play the video
Does it solve the problem
Or just showing us your problem? (which is also my problem)


This video just shows my problem,
but I recorded the error process from the start to the end so I hope it will help persons at IOI to solve OUR problem…


Oh. Thank you then
Cause it’s really annoying
I bought the game but can’t play the sniper assassin
I hope they fix it soon


And they say to contact HITMAN Support, with no details of where to contact support.
Does it even exist?


In Sniper Assassin using environmental props to kill your targets nets you “Environmental Kill” bonuses. These kills do not hide the bodies, but are risky kills that will grant you a large score bonus.

See, I told ya…


I’m having the stuttering issue, but I noticed something really strange… If i hit alt+z and bring up the GeForce Experience overlay (nvidia’s in game menu for screen/video capturing), then the frame rate jumps back up to 90 fps.

For clarity, this isn’t like the in-game ESC menu. The game is still running (NPCs walking around, etc) and you can still move the mouse to pan and look around. But for some reason, the frame rate jumps up and stays steady until you close the geforce experience overlay. Then it dumps back down to a extremely stuttery 15-20 fps…

GTX 980 Ti


Here’s a clip showing the difference. Video capture doesn’t show the overlay, but i turn it on at ~11 seconds and back off at ~33. You can see a clear difference.


I don’t know
But Travis made this topic for sniper assassin issues
But he’s not responding to any of this
I think it’s because they’re busy with E3


The starting stuttering is what I have on S1 when I start the first contract after booting up. On Sniper Assassin this effect is a bit stronger but nothing new. Maybe IOI should include a short stressing phase into the first loading screen so it is fluid when the loading is over.


So within HITMAN 2, Sniper Assassin will be a part of it as a section/tab for us to play from or we’ll still need the separate sniper assassin client after HITMAN 2 launch?


Environmental Kill bonuses don’t mean anything for accident kills right now. beacuse;
accident kills granted public kills in S1, so these kills had a purpose to use them for agents, also you could’ve done fast runs with using them.
no one won’t use gas lamp explosions, cuz every NPC will stare at where explosion sound happened. so? dead body(s) will be found and targets will start to be evacuated. plus you loose Silent Assassin bonus.

hoping it won’t be in Hitman 2.


I love the mode tbh. I just hope the set of rules that this mode goes by are meant ONLY for Sniper Assassin and not the main game. :crossed_fingers:t3: Also give us the option to choose which unlocked attachment to activate and deactivate. That would make it more personal @Lasse_IOI @Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI