Sniper Assassin Feedback Thread


Sniper assassin and hitman use different logic. Hitman 2 will be the same as hitman S1.


@Lasse_IOI The loops of the targets are hard to understand when you touch to the objects. It’s a meticulous observation. Very complex to become familiar with, more than a regular campaign mission. Well done. :hushed:


While I haven’t got Sniper Assassin yet, (I’m waiting on some deals for the gold edition), I did notice something.

The menus are using the Season 1 visual theme. Give us a peek at the H2 theme. :stuck_out_tongue:


I believe it will be bright pink.


it needs to be checked out

by @Kotti


Did any of you with the stuttering problem manage to fix it?

Still runs very choppy for me.
Hitman2016 still runs smoothly so it is Sniper Assassin specific.

FPS is all over the place.


Still hoping for a patch soon :confused:


@Travis_IOI It’s now entering the third day that I haven’t been able to play Sniper Assassin, SOS please help. As posted in the other thread, here are my two error screens.


(PC User) Almost unplayable while scoping sniper. Huge shuttering issues on game play.
Can’t shoot properly due to huge lagging.
i5 4460
8GB Ram
r9 270x

Tested in every settings (low to high)


Exact same issue for me


It’s really annoying
I pre-ordered the game almost a week ago
But I can’t play
Cause it won’t connect
I really hope they fix that soon


Hey I am having a problem on PS4 on hitman sniper assassin where when I hold the R2 button to fire the gun makes a click sound and doesn’t fire I already checked my controllers so it’s not that so does anyone know how to help me shoot on the game since it’s not shooting when I aim


Sniper Assassin is unplayable for me. Stutter is so bad I can’t hit anything. Even low graphics stutter the same. Hitman 2016 runs perfectly for me. If I turn on Geforce overlay I see the FPS goes back up to 60 and I can pan the camera and it stays smooth but I can’t see anything because the overlay is on. Please fix this because I bought the $99 preorder and this is very disappointing.

My Specs:
i5 7600K overclocked to 4.7 MHz
GTX 1070

Every other game runs fine.


same issue here with me on ps4


Actually it works fine now
It just got fixed yesterday
I’d thought it was fixed for everyone


I’ll check if it works now


Hi Everyone

I preordered Hitman 2 Gold Edition from and the code they sent me for Sniper Assassin isn’t working. According to the Microsoft Store on XBox and on PC, Sniper Assassin isn’t available for some reason.

Did you guys pull the game from XBox One or is it not available yet?


Allow solo mission offline, please. Also fix server issue so I can connect. That’d be fantastic. Just trying to stream your game to show my friends so they’ll, y’know, buy it.

Xbox One X
Tears of Blood4
Denver, CO


Game always worked fine for me but today I can’t connect to leaderboards.
Briefing, challenges and gameplay work normally.
I checked steam discussions and more people have similliar problem.


That’s a relief, isn’t it? :slight_smile: