Sniper Assassin games - few questions

  1. What are the rules for Silent Assassin? Sometimes I achieve it sometimes not, although no bodies found and nobody went to that state with yellow dot above their head. (And of course no civilians killed) I can’t seem to find the rule.

  2. What are the time intervals for killing streak? Sometimes I have few seconds between killings and no killing streak. So what is the time interval within I need to perform another kill?

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “killing streak”. If you are talking about the Sniper Assassin mode for the World of Assassination trilogy, the closest thing I can think of is the achievements for eliminating targets whilst they are evacuating the map.

If you elaborate on exactly which game you are playing, people might be able to help more. :slight_smile:

You hit one guy. Then another shortly after.
You get, along with “Headshot”, or “Moving target” etc, label “Kill streak 500” points.
Then you kill another very shortly, you see the label “Kill streak 1000 points” etc.
Then you take a pause, and kill another, there’s no Kill streak label - so obviously you broke killing streak by waiting too much.
So my question is, how quickly do you have to kill another to keep the killing streak?