Sniper Assassin Professional Challenge


Let me start by saying that I am nothing special. My Sniper Assassin run (posting later) clocked in at just under 24 minutes. I have seen much better times, but everyone used a shortcut. @Fortheseven, this is what I was talking about.

So here is the challenge:

To qualify, you must post a video of your full run on Professional Difficulty.

Fast forwarding is allowed, but no cuts. You cannot save. You must go from start to finish all in one go.

On that, you may ONLY start from the Southern Farm Perimeter or the West Bridge. Any other start point is unacceptable.

You may use any 47 suit you own, but you must retrieve it before entering the tornado shelter. Leaving in a disguise is not allowed.

There are no restrictions on which sniper rifle you use.

You must snipe a conscious target. (Sorry @Pagan, your run was fantastic, but I want actual sniping this time)

All rules of the HITMAN Sniper Assassin challenge apply. Best time wins. Good luck to any and all willing to take the challenge.


Just to be sure, this is for pro mode? If so i’m really not that interested tbh.


That’s a shame. I figure you would do well.


I’m sorry my friend, i just don’t enjoy pro mode


Oh well, I hope some of the others take me up on this. I hope you somehow change your mind but it’s cool.


I’ll post something, I’m a big fan of sniping and pro mode. Though on the no-cuts thing, sometimes ps4 capture just cuts short portions of footage for no reason so that might happen.


I have seen that before and if that is your only capture option, I understand. Even if someone does a jump cut, it will not lower their completion time.

Primary thing is no saves. Good luck man!


Sniper assassin, my time is 8:19 using main start point.

Sniping starts around 5:45


Dude, this is beautiful; gave you a thumbs up. I spent the whole first half thinking “where the hell is he going?” I do not know how it works for you, but it did. After I have shot two people, I just pop up and instantly it is combat. And I was on a larger roof than you. Congrats and thanks for participating.


Thanks. Yeah there were definitely times in forming the run when I went into combat after hitting Parvati, and the toughest one was Berg. He’s in the basement during the time when the first three go down, my biggest obstacle was getting him as he comes right around the corner before the army of enforcers (that you can barely see right after I hit Berg) glances at me on their way up. Previously, I could hit all three at once but it left Graves separated and on target lockdown, so that was clearly not good. I feel like I got lucky with the timing I wound up with.


I have a Winter Suit Only/Sniper Assassin run & no disguise change from the ‘‘Southern Farm Perimeter’’
Full HUD Display Off @ 8 minutes 22 seconds. I’ll have one more go @ it tonight to see if I can get it under the time set above (3 second difference). If not i’ll upload my version later… I don’t do challenges these days, but this is good one…


Glad that you like it.


Winter Suit Only (No Disguise Change) Full HUD Display Off/Sniper Rifle Only (4 Single Headshots) Southern Farm Perimeter Starting Location/2 NPC’s Subdued/2 Cameras Destroyed @ 8 minutes 5 seconds


^^ I believe i could get 5 Star Rating by hiding Maya Parvati & Penelope Graves bodies/Suit Only using this method…


DAMN! Y’all goin’ hard! I love it!


I am not sure about that, but by all means go for it if you think you can.


I don’t think i can, I know its 100% possible! And i know for a fact not one single person anywhere has any gameplay of a suit only (no disguise change)/sniper assassin/5 star run on professional difficulty in Colorado. I’ll upload the gameplay later :slight_smile:


I am looking forward to this.


That’s how long it took me & you have to hide Maya Parvati & Penelope Graves Bodies… Don’t need to hide Ezra Berg’s & obviously not Sean Rose’s body…


There ain’t one single video anywhere of anyone getting 5 Stars on this map & doing it with the Suit Only with no disguise change @ all/Silent Assassin/Sniper Challenge complete. Yup! It’s possible…