Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts

Will be released November 22. I am looking forward the DLC…

For those who have not played Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, I recommand this game as it is my favorite immersion game (with hitman 2 of course).
Found it for 5 euros on instant gaming…

I’ll be grabbing a copy, as I’ve played all the games in the series so far. They can be a little buggy/clunky to play but the sniping mechanics make up for it

It’s a fun series and it’s been good to see the quality improve each game.

I had a lot of problems with Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, Repetitive Bugs, freezzes, total blocking :confused:

TweakBox word counter

If you are playing on PC maybe you should evaluate Christmas gifts opportunity to claim for a new graphic card.

Personnaly last year I had to change my double nVidia card with a new GTX 1070 Ti. I did this because I got a lot of freeze while playing SGW.

The avantage is you coud play hitman 2 with all the graphic setup at the maximum…