Sniper Levels - How do you spend your valuable time while waiting for challenge opportunities?

As the title says, what do you guys do while waiting for things to get in motion in a Sniper level in order to complete a challenge?
I’ll go first.
While doing the An Elabyrinth Plot in Himmelstein, I ate a few pieces of apple pie, drank coffee, went to take a slow piss (was not in a hurry) and played Bejeweled on my phone.

Maybe I can use your ides in the future when trying to complete some of the other challenges in these levels so that I won’t feel like IOI is toying with my free time.

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Same thing I do every round, try and take over the world.


I close the curtains and light a candle, putting up some nice romantic music. I pour myself a nice glass of wine and as I nip it I think of a mountain spring, undiscovered and untouched, but by a butterfly that lightly flutters over the glistening water’s surface. I get comfy in my chair as I slowly zoom in my sniper scope on the bride. She’s in perfect view now, her autumnal hairs awakening all my senses. I make sure my box of tissues is next to me. They are. They always are. I then double-check if all the doors are closed and that I’m alone in the house. I unbutton my pants, it is necessary. I get ready to… damnit, time is up and I missed that goddamn waltz again!

Restarts are a real chore.


It’s the kind of caca that can make a grown man shed tears of anger.

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Always the same answer… stick the kettle on and make a fresh brew :+1:t2:


If you’re on PC you can force it to run in the background by saving and alt-tabbing right after pressing load.

Honestly a huge part of why I don’t play sniper mode (or snipe in general) is that it is a lot of tedious and boring waiting.

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I wonder if IOI even knows how unpopular the mode is…

Oh wait… New Hitman Sniper game

Yeah I don’t believe those images for one second. But I don’t hate sniper mode it is nice to play in my spare time but I don’t want to dedicate myself to an actual mission.

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Can you show similar stats for Ghost Mode?

That was just a screenshot of the Hitman 2 Achievement list on the Steam page that I cropped in Paint :stuck_out_tongue: and since there aren’t many achievements for Ghost mode, (let’s say one for winning 50/100 rounds) we don’t know for sure the percentage of completion by those that own the game.

I am not sure the global achievement stats are the best metric because according to that only 29.6% of the player-base has completed the night call tutorial mission. part of me thinks they include people who bought the game but have not played it yet, but supposedly in order to get on there someone has to have started the game once.

that said I enjoyed the sniper levels the first few times. even some of the challenges. The grind for mastery 20 though is some garbage though even after they cut the requirements by half .

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To be fair, the reason why the Siberia achievements are so low is because a ton of people used an achievement unlocker to gain points in Steam’s awful racing summer sale.