Sniper Maps


From what we’ve seen, there are going to be two new sniper locations included with the expansions that come with Hitman 2.

My first question: is anyone actually looking forward to that? If yes, why?

I’m asking this because “The Last Yardbird” mission sits untouched at the end of my mission selection screen, and I see it very rarely (if never) in Hitman youtube uploads. It’s almost never discussed here, either.

I’m alright with a map like that as an “appetizer”, something to appease me during draughts of Hitman content, much like Hitman GO. The competition that it included in the run-up to Hitman releases is nice, but goes over the heads of most people.

It offers completely different gameplay, and not gameplay I’m exactly looking for in Hitman games. While I like sniping in missions (at least in earlier Hitman games), the sniper maps feel too arcadey for me.

Second question: How do you think these kinds of missions could be made better? What do you expect from a good sniper map?

One of them would be randomization for me. A bit like “The Vector”, where you get different targets every time. Also different routing for fixed targets would be welcome.

Another suggestion would be to use an existing location, also like The Vector map, and allow us a different view of the premises we know so well. Maybe have different “starting locations” as well, each offering new perspectives and new kill opportunities.

Honestly, my most frank suggestion would be to cancel the two sniper maps, and make new normal mission instead. Maybe just one normal mission if the work involved is much heavier than creating a sniper map. These are just not my cup of tea. But maybe I’m playing them wrong?



same but only because i dislike the mission. i think the current mechanics are fine (except for the accident kill system), but it’s just a very unappealing mission for me

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Unappealing in some ways maybe but has nice mechanics that I wish the base game had, like being able to create distractions that reliably get someone from a balcony to either an upper or lower floor, wich was something audio devices and objects used to do just fine in H2016.



Hated this mission. Target count is obnoxious



I thought the first map was pretty enjoyable, but it has replayability for a few hours tops (IMO), so I haven’t played it since the pre-order bonus release.
I mildly look forward to new sniper maps. Though it is nowhere near the anticipation I have for the regular maps.



I really like TLY particularly because its co-op is super fun and offers something new

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I like the format. It is just very hard to manipulate the situation. But there is alot possible, and I look forward to make something crazy work out. I tried really hard to do that in Austria but it just did not work because of minor issues.



I look forward to and enjoy anything Hitman related :grin: it felt like an actual mission, with a breifing, it’s enjoyable from time to time and it’ll be good to see some new locations and hopefully a change of weapon



I liked the last years bird the first 2 ish hours. The issue with it is that the mission is the same every time and you play the same strategy just trying to be faster by a few secs each time. To improve sniper assassin I think the progression needs a change back to normal mastery. This could involve different sniper nests (unrealistic), different snipers with interesting abilities or maybe the ability to send agent smith in and you could instruct him to take out enemies or maybe make gas leaks for example (this would be awesome). I know these are unrealistic ideas but if io wants to make this mode cool and interesting and make people wanna play it in the main game they need to do something bold and cool with the mode.

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More people would play it if you could unlock stuff for tthe story mode. New and better snipers maybe. Otherwise is a “meh” for me, never played it si ce HITMAN2 came out



Well if that rumour I keep seeing on the wiki is true then the next SA map is on the Ivory Coast. So I would commend IO for picking a unique place if that comes to pass.



I dunno, I’m with Interpol now.



What a demotion, CIA to Interpol. At least you get to see more of the world and its mortuary lockers and torture racks.



Following improvements are needed:

  • REMOVE timer restriction per playthrough
    It is really unappealing to mix scouting targets and placing well timed shots versus a 10(?) minute timer pressuring you

  • sniper rifle unlocks carry over to normal game mode
    That would be a cool incentive to play it, e.g. use piercing rounds and shock rounds in normal mode, also people who complain about limited sniper ammo could unlock bigger magazines
    Sniping in normal mode isn’t THAT powerful or useful so I see no problem “buffing” it with these unlocks

  • 2-3 starting location vantage points per map you can unlock by playing

  • more or easier manipulation of targets routines



A speed-up function would make it way better imho. Or setting at which time you want the mission to start during the loadout.



I think the ability to pick a different sniper nest would be awesome. The only issue is the missions would need to be super carefully designed. Maybe something for H3



I honestly like sniping and it is fun in coop all tho i do think there should be a lot more creative options to kill targets cause each body guard has like 2-3 and main target 4-5




I’ve always hoped one of the sniper maps could be something like this. A dark atmospheric harbor. In C47 the vibe in this spot was really cool, and it would be great if it was expanded on.



I haven’t actually played the sniper map, I probably should but haven’t felt the urge. Is it any good?



In its own right it is good, but doesn’t, imo, hold the replayability that it should.