Sniper Maps

If you want something nice and arcade like then yeah. If not then at least you are getting practice.:grinning:

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The Sniper Map in terms of its design is very enjoyable but what kills it for me has to be the AWFUL progression system.

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Yes, I’m looking forward to them for a couple reasons. For one, it’s new content, and the other reason? I like the sniper mode. It’s a fun little distraction to mix things up a little. How can it be better? I’m not sure, because I’m perfectly A-OK with how it is now, personally. I think it’s just one of those things that you either like it, or you don’t. Simple as that.

I liked what I played of it during the pre-order phase. I got most of my enjoyment out of it then, so I haven’t touched it much in Hitman 2.
I’ve heard that the second map may be in Africa, so that could have some interesting ideas in it.

The only thing I wish was different is how accident kills work. There are so many setups in the map that I ended up just ignoring because guards reaction is the same as if a target had been shot


sadly the only working traps are the statue in garden and the chandelier because these hide the bodies.

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I played a bit of Last Yardbird. I think having Sniper Assassin integrated into the main game is really good. I am actually looking forward to have more maps in Sniper Assassin.

Of course, it kind of feels like a mobile game but that’s simply the point. In my case there are three scenarios:

  1. I have lots of time to play HITMAN 2 => I play HITMAN 2 “normally”.
  2. I have maybe 15 to 30 minutes => I play a round of Ghost mode (when I find a game)
  3. I really don’t have time but have to wait until my girlfriend is ready => I pop in Sniper Assassin.*

*Granted my girlfriend takes so long to get ready sometimes that I’d rather jump straight into Ghost mode. :smiley:

I really like the concept, especially since to me sniping from afar is the iconic hitman tool (meaning pop culture hitmen in general). But I haven’t even done all the challenges yet and grinding all the levels with three characters is such a chore.

Having the same progression system as and unlocks carrying over into the main game (could be special ammo, rifles, briefcases, binocular, …) would help a lot.

Bodies found from accidents leading to alarms also annoyed me a lot. Why would it be different from the main game to begin with? To increase tension? Or maybe the way they constructed the level interferes with guards dragging bodies?

How did you get there? You need cheats for that or is there a ladder I simply missed for almost 20 years now?

Also, I have to revisit my opinion in the opening post. I’ve been having fun with Hantu Port and as a result also redicovered Himmelstein. Co-op makes some challenges more fun. I’ve come to view Sniper Maps as a worthwhile addition to the franchise, but I still thinking additional sniper nests and more randomness in routing would greatly help the replayability and allure of these missions. As well as the much-needed fix for accident kills.


Some changes I personally would like to see

  • Missions shouldn’t be structured in a way that requires waiting 10 or more minutes to do a not-insignificant amount of challenges. Look at Himmelstein… the chandelier kill, bridal waltz, statue kill, speaker kill (I’m pretty sure) and various other ALL take place after the 7 minute mark, and when killing targets before then risks making the series of events for those challenges not take place, that means you’re just sitting there for over 7 minutes not shooting anyone… I get that it’s based on the wedding schedule and is logical, but maybe just don’t do it if the gameplay suffers.

I do think they’ve learned from this for Hantu Port, which was much more fun to get the challenges for, and I have all of them except 2. As opposed to having Himmelstein since launch and at the start of today I still had over 9 challenges left.

  • Split screen co-op. Not a single one of my mates has HitmanTM 2; this gamemode would get a lot more play from me if whenever they came over we could sit down on the couch and go through these sniper missions together. It would be something that’s just really nice, in an era where not as many games have been doing split screen any more, even on consoles.
  • Some form of randomization. Like the OP said, and was done in The Vector. I don’t know if this would apply to all maps, or just one map… but something where you’re not doing literally the exact same thing every single play probably means it’s more replayable, yes? Perhaps there are 20 potential guard spawns and routes, and 10 are randomly selected each time you play the mission?
  • Every mission definitely needs a gameplay gimmick. I’m sure this is already being done since Hantu Port had the whole hostages thing. Himmelstein didn’t have one, just a timer, but it was the first so we’ll give it a break. This upcoming prison map for example, if we need to facilitate a prisoner’s escape, and we’re there to clear the prisoner’s path of guards so they can escape, that would be interesting and depending on your timing, each playthrough could be different as if you take two minutes to get the prisoner out of the first section, the guards in next section will be further along their path than if you took only 40 seconds to get the prisoner out of the first section.
  • Make mastery… better. Perhaps when you reach level 20 you unlock a base version of that rifle for the regular game. This wouldn’t work for Himmelstein since we already have the base Sieger Ghost in the game from Chevayo Calibration… perhaps then the ‘different ammo type’ will be unlocked for it in the regular game? Mainly the piercing bullets. I think shockwave would be too OP in regular game since creating a quiet mini explosion would let you set off way to many easy accident kills. Also the amount of XP needed to level up in Sniper mode currently is way too high and grindy… I don’t think I’m ever going to reach Level 20 on any of them, even after I’ve completed all the challenges.
  • Body found for accidents needs to change. I don’t know what the right balance is, but there’s almost no point to doing these kills (excluding challenges) since they’ll get you caught, apart from trying to show off.
  • Design future maps with potential future ‘on the ground’ format in mind. I know the point of these maps is by not designing them as sand-box levels you can pump them out much quicker, but if they were made in a way in which normal-style play in some capacity isn’t ruled out down the line, it would be far more satisfying. We would have low expectations, certainly nothing above a Level 5 mastery (Maybe even a 0 mastery map!), and no contracts mode, and no escalations or ETs expected for these maps; we could accept them as small maps which are mostly exterior (no buildings to go in), just something that’s a small bit of bonus fun.
  • Voice communication. Adding the ‘tag’ feature was a nice addition, but currently it’s the only way to communicate with strangers… not really good on a co-op game where usually you try to time things together. Also, while we’re at it make it so you can tag inanimate objects… maybe you’ve avoided doing this because when I play Co-Op with someone they can just point to where all the Feat challenges are, but right now I ask them over mic and he shoots a wall and goes “over there”… except it’s a giant map, I can’t see where the hell his bullet went!

Man you sure werent here in 2016 have you? Speedrunners abused the shit out of the lancer and now it cant piece walls but it was the coolest thing and it was fun to use

I like this idea mainly cause of the coop rifles i think if you whould 20/20 himmelstein the ghost whould just get the upgrades the sniper assasin one has without ammo of course

idk dude seems boring and resource wasting

This is a good idea but voice communication? i mean how rare whould it be to find an actual guy who speaks a language you do + all the latin kids with their parents arguing in their back ground and his brother and sister having sex doesnt really drive me to want randoms with voice chat pinging is the way to go

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What seems like a waste to me is them making a map that only gets like 2 hours play time out of it and that’s it.

If you speak English like most of the Western world then pretty common? If you don’t want it then you can tick a box saying ‘mute’ or ‘no voice communication’. Usually if you’re matching with people on the other side of the world you have bad lag anyway.

I personaly got a lot of hours out of sniper maps

and judging from just the few non english names i found on ghost mode and sniper maps dont think so especially since this is only counting the ones that were visibly not english people just from their names

I don’t mid that though. It’s a sniper mode, and it’s worth the wait when you reach that perfect moment. Also, you only need to do it once for the challenge and then never again if you don’t want to.

Well, you need to do it once for the chandelier kill, then again for the statue kill, then again for the… (and so on), since there’s no save button; and then what if you screw up the challenge at the last second, like I did the first two times with the “squash all three with shipping container” challenge on Hantu? Not that I’m advocating for a save button. I just think they should be designed better, with perhaps ways to speed up the meeting under the chandelier taking place, rather than waiting for the 14 minute mark after all their other affairs are complete.

I advocate for a middle ground where you can wait for all the targets to show up in one place or you can do something to expedite the process. The really problem for me was having to have five different precision timing things. Like the container kill for me was a matter of luck (I only know of the strategy of timing the horn, satellite dish failure and Dragon Eye’s route. If there are any others I don’t know of them)

Did anyone actually play out Himmelstein or Hantu Port and let the timer run its course with the main targets still alive? What happens? Special cutscene? Special target routes where you actually see them leave the map?

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Once I’ve been in game with live targets for more than 15 minutes, but nothing speacial happened.
But it was only couple of minutes after countdown finished, nobody yet had time to leave, so I killed them after countdown finished.
But if you too much slow, targets will leave the area and mission will be failed with standard fail lines and cutscene.
I think after 15 minutes countdown you still have about 5 minutes to deal with targets; I assume as far as first target reaches the escape point you’ll fail the mission

UPD: Just tested Himmelstein.
After 15 minutes past without doing anything the targets just leaving the area and fail mission screen pops immediately when the first target leaves without any cutscenes

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I would like to see more attention to sniping in regular maps, rather than separate “Sniper Maps” that are disconnected from the main game.

They are like arcade mini games. Thumbs down from me.


I’d be fine with a mini arcade game, so long as I could actually play them splitscreen with people like actual arcade games!

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Splitscreen snipeing how?