Sniper Mode (season 3?)

I’m probably in the minority here, but I love the Sniper Mode levels! (wish there were more)! If they do include these in season 3, what are some of the locations and objectives you wish to see added?


Id like to see more populated areas. Where targets are in a thick crowd of people all the time, would be a nice change of pace.

Mainly I would just like there to be more of a reason to play sniper mode. Like unlocks or something.

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Yeah I definitely would like some really cool unlocks that we could use in the main game!

Even unlocks for Ghost mode would be cool. I think Sniper could do with some reworking. What is the point in grinding out the mastery for each sniper if it is made useless with the next map?

It would be cool to unlock all 3 snipers (47s. Stones, and Knights) from all the levels both in the main game and in the level. It would be cool to have each one give different perks. So selecting a sniper to bring into the sniper map would make a difference.

I am a big fan of the Sniper missions in HITMAN. As far as things i’d like to see in season three… more unlocks for sure (even if it’s one rifle per character eg 47, stone and knight)

As far as locations, something in a desert setting (like a military outpost) could look good…
Or a hunting lodge in the Canadian wilderness.
I’m sure the designers at IO will come up with something far better than I can think of

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This may be a bit bizarre, but what about a party going on on a yacht? 47 could be high above it in a hot air ballon. So both the yacht and the balloon (47) is moving.

Picture 47 in the balloon and imagine the target/s on a yacht in the water

Since I’m sure in real life, people in a yacht would occasionally look up at a hot air balloon, every time 47 enters “scope” the detection meter would very slowly start to generate. (So say about after 10 seconds of viewing the scope constantly, 47 would be “spotted” by on onlooker on the yacht. So not only are you and the yacht constantly moving (which requires you to gradually adjust your aim) you would only be allowed to view through your scope for up to ten seconds before having to exit scope again.

Idk, it may be a bit more tedious than fun, but just an idea…


That sounds like an awesome concept, but realistically if the yacht had armed guards, couldn’t they just shoot the balloon, forcing instant failure if spotted? I’m not what they’re made of but must be able to be punctured by bullets. Again that’s a great idea though and a hot air balloon seems like the best option movement wise.

Also different vantage points to choose from in planning would be great for sniper missions.


This idea of sniping from a hot air balloon is amazing!:heart_eyes:
But,nobody should spot you.:slightly_smiling_face:

I would also like to snipe from a port and another yacht or similar places.


That was the idea lol being spotted would eventually result in sure failure. But that was just an idea, it doesn’t HAVE to be where the NPC’s could eventually spot you.

I’d like to see the same rifles used as in the main game, and the rifle improvements you unlock as the level progresses carry over to the main games’ version of the rifle. Sorry for repeating myself like a broken record

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