Sniping the explosive golf ball


Has anyone placed the explosive golf ball but instead of letting the target swing and explode set up with a sniper in the ruins and snipe the ball before he swings? I wonder if the ball would explode or not. If so, would that be an accident explosive kill still? I might try this myself next time I’m playing the game.


I don’t think the placed golfball is something that explodes outside the scripted use of Caruso. But you could try and tell us?


If I remember correctly (at least fro H2016) the golf ball counts as an accident for whatever reason. Still, I’m not sure that you can shoot it while it’s in the basket with the rest of golfballs but maybe when it is in Caruso’s hand.


I just tested it. I put the explosive one in the pot with the others. Six Sieger 3000 Ghost rounds later nothing had happened. After he puts it on the tee I shot it with the Ghost, it blew up and registered as an accident kill. Xbox, Casual difficulty.


I can confirm what @SpirantCrayon22 is saying.

Once you put the golf ball in the basket, you cannot shoot it to activate. The basket acts as a container for the item.

Once caruso pulls it out however, it’s fair game!

I made a video of me getting it in his hand!


wonderfully bonkers thing to do - nice one


“Call an Ambulance! Mr. Caruso’s golf ball just exploded!”

“Bloody typical!”


yeah, one of the odder accident kills, that!


I think a lot of the “accidents” are a stretch.

Drowning in the toilet?

This would only make sense if they were quite excessively drunk


Toilets have harmed many people throughout history, though adults don’t tend to drown in them. Explosive toilets, IOI plz


Thanks for trying it out! Looks like fun trying to snipe it in his hand :raised_hands:


Wasn’t it possible to cause it exploding by just throwing it somewhere?


I believe it blows up when thrown, yes. How that sits with accident kills I don’t know, though.


Oh ok, I think I missed the real question. In this case it’s not counted as an accident kill.


You mean throwing it doesn’t count as an accident kill? Interesting. That makes sense at least.


It seems to be an accident kill if Caruso hits it with the club or if it’s sniped after he picks it up. I just don’t know if it registers as an accident kill in other situations, it might, I haven’t checked it, I am not sure whether @BetaPete meant that.


The golf ball does not count as an accident kill when thrown.

Strangely enough, it doesn’t seem like one is able to place the item, so there is no other situation where you could safely snipe it.

The exploding baseball shares this trait, and I suspect it’s because it’s just a reskin


That’s what I was trying to say.


That’s a bummer the explosive golf ball and baseball aren’t able to be placed down. Would be a great opportunity to put it on the ground so you can snipe it at just the right time when someone was walking by.


I agree, but it shouldn’t merit SA an accident kill