So close, yet so far


I don’t have as much time to play games as I would like so making it through all the Legacy missions SA/SO and Sniper Assassin has taken me the better part of a week. I’m currently on the last mission so all I have to do is take out Yuki and I will finally have that sweet Classic All Black Suit and actually feel a bit like Agent 47.

I think it’s pretty whack that his actual suits with gloves are locked behind ET’s. They really rub it in your face with the “Classic” suit they give you to start with.

I think if they were trying give him something of a new look then why not just give him his classic look but buttoned up like the All Black suit? Since he’s usually seen with it unbuttoned and all.That way it’s techinically something new, but without all that disgusting Hand Nudity.

Anyways, I’m sure it’s not a big deal for a lot of people but it’s turned into a pet peeve for me.


I don’t mind costumes being locked behind achievements.
But in case of hitman, because of year long span of Elusive targets it is becoming an irritant.
If IOI had locked suits behind mastery that would have been better.
For ET don’t give any reward. Simple as that.


I’m 100% with you. It’s just that it’s locked behind ET’s specifically is infuriating. Like shouldn’t we at least get the absolution suit for beating the base game? I mean damn, give us something!


The Classic All-Black is totally worth it though.


It looks great but it’s so shiny!


It’s supposed to be because it’s inspired by the Sharkskin lined suit from the 007 film SPECTRE.
I think 007 wears it in the funeral scene, near exact to the one 47 wears.


I just got it yesterday morning after work! I’m weird and base my loadouts off of what outfit I will be using. I just use the black ICA pistol and then fiber wire and lockpick with the classic black suit. I just like the tactical look of it all together. I’ve been enjoying the hell out of it, dude!


I prefer to call that pristine :wink:


I use all the high-tech gadgets while wearing it. :slight_smile:


If I had the BlackBaller or Black Lilly it would be perfect. Alas, I do not. One day soon, I hope.


If you bought the Gold Edition I think it’s supposed to come with the Midnight Black Suit, the Black Lilly, and a necktie-wearing Concussive Duck since IOI added Collector’s Edition Digital Content to the Gold Edition?


Just hitman 2 with the legacy pack for, I’m afraid.


Agreed! I see so many people demanding “rewards” for playing Elusives. Me playing it, having fun, achieving SA and having a unique experience with them is rewarding enough for me. I do wish though, New weapons (and suits I guess…) could be unlocked through mastery, Instead of reskins MK|| crap lol


Even callin that a reskin is generous. They put an ugly ass sticker on it lol


I did it in one day I think, I played all day though. It’s my favourite suit in the game so far. I hate suits with no gloves too, looks so unprofessional.


I totally agree. I don’t understand why they list that suit as the “classic suit”, when it doesn’t even have the gloves.


I like the idea of unlocking suits, it’s certainly more interesting than unlocking new coins or lockpicks, but it’s pretty lame that the “Signature Suit With Gloves” (and not those silly racing gloves) - imo what 47 is supposed to look like - won’t be available until the middle of the year. “Unique” suits like the Undying or Casual Undercover being locked is cool, but locking three iterations of the standard suit is kinda lame.


THANK YOU! We need to try and make this clear to IOI


Could someone explain, what is that “Undying” suit? Sean Bean was using another suit (white shirt, grey pants, vest and jacket (closed), brown leather gloves and shoes), and seeing 47 wearing that one would be cooler.