So, H2 was 2 years after H1, what about H3?

What’s your bet on possible release date of H3?

It has been said that they already have all assets and technology that was used in H1, that’s why H2 was faster that H1 (and due to some squexit problems it might actually be later then IOI expected to be released).

Since practiclly whole year roadman is neraly done and it’s September, could it be possible to have news about H3 in near future?
When would you expect H3 would be released?

I am hoping for a 2020 release date. Summer would be great.


I’m guessing somewhere at fall 2020 or winter 2021 (january/february).


The longest date possible. One year and a half is definitely not enough to make a proper and polished game like HITMAN, especially when the team is limited on members and resources.

I hope they will learn from their mistakes of HITMAN™ 2 and give us an appropriate sequel and experience.

Anyway i’ve been through the catastrophic launch of HITMAN™ 2 and i’ll never relive that again.
So good or not i’m not buying the next game at launch for sure.

I just hope that it will be a much better experience than HITMAN™ 2, cuz we are very far away of the so expected “Best Hitman Game Ever” at the moment.

Wait and see i guess…


January / February / March 2021 at best, I do not see them release it before. 2020 is too optimistic. We do not even know if they started the pre-production.

Hitman 2 pre-production started in september 2016 according to Simon Lindwall’s linkedin profile :

They need at least 1.5/2 years to make a game like this once preproduction step is complete and use E3 to promote it as well. So my guess is September / November 2021.

I think in 2020 they will release another IP, not a Hitman game.


Btw they’re making a non-Hitman game
They may release it before H3, so even more time for Hitman.

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I say release 2021. And i hope they will go back to episodic release.


afaik the Studio in Denmark is working on something new and the Studio in Malmö is working on Hitman 3.

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Travis denied that recently. The thing that Denmark is not working on Hitman I mean.


I hope it is not 2020, but 2021.
Because we can have new stuff in 2020. New ETs,maybe some sort of bonus missions…


I am curious if they release it as cross platform or as standalone (with DoubleLegacy :stuck_out_tongue: dlc upgrade) for next gen cosoles that will drop probably winter 2020.Hopefully in either case they will keep the central “World of Assassination” idea and all 20+locations will be available at the same 200GB application game!!!

Even if that was true, it doesn’t change the fact they might need more time. Might.

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If I understood correctly, Travis said recently that both studios equally work on HITMAN.
Maybe at the same time danish studio works on some different project simultaneously

We have time, and plenty of Hitman games to play. Hope they’ll polish up and perfect Hitman 2 first. The bug report thread should be well dead and buried by the time H3 releases.


So long as they time their time and make a great game with a faithful plot, I don’t mind waiting years.

ah okay, maybe i misunderstood or remembered it wrong.

I’m in no hurry to see Hitman 3, more time often means better Games…at least when your Game isn’t Duke Nukem Forever :smile:

I’d guess at least 2 years from the release of 2, assuming it’s an actual game and not an expansion pack to Hitman 2 like some have guessed. Also that’s assuming it’s 6 levels dropped at once, like 2. If they do it episodically again then I could see them starting earlier. Really depends on how big a change to the engine/game mechanics it is.

Either late 2021 or early 2022.

Later > Earlier
A rushed 2020 release for Hitman 3 would likely be even more unpolished than Hitman 2 was.

If a Late 2021 - Mid 2022 release for Hitman 3 means:
More playtesters
Fundamental things being fixed / working
Plenty of well designed levels / unlocks

I think it would certainly be worth the wait.


I believe in the NoClip documentary it was implied that a potential Hitman 3 might be episodic, so perhaps this is in production and they’re figuring out the potential release window.

I think if it’s episodic, it’s going to launch in 2020 in some capacity.