So, H2 was 2 years after H1, what about H3?

Its definitely going back to episodic. Which I love. Spend my time on each map. Did I say love it? Cause i love it

I don’t think they’re going back to episodic
Maybe they will make the game in 2 or 3 parts
Each Parts contains 2 Missions at least
That would make more sense
I don’t think fully episodic is good for the game
Season 1 didn’t sell good because of that

And also 2020 is too soon
HITMAN 2 had smaller locations because they wanted to release the game soon
I don’t want that to happen for HITMAN 3

Even if NoClip man lied and most or even half of Copenhagen IS working on H3, I think given two locations (New York and Haven Island) have been worked on post-launch it’s the equivalent of setting back the sequel by a third of its production time, so it won’t be the same time as the gap between S1 and H2. So probably early 2021, late 2020 only if they do episodic.

I just hope we’re given something in 2020 to keep us interested… no Expansion Pass, no changes to contracts mode so we can make our own fun, can’t imagine there’ll be new game modes since they’d just save them for H3, I’d be pretty confident saying there’s no new locations or sniper assassin maps (However possible they’ll repurpose an existing map a la The Vector, not that that’s enough to keep us coming back every week for a year). I guess that just leaves Elusive Targets after your usual escalations/challenge packs and Featured Contracts. Fingers crossed for a GOTY campaign.

I don’t make the games, i just leave this art to IOI. Them will find the way, after all them learned from the mistakes I don’t think them feel comfortable with H2 bugs.

I hope they go back to episodes for H3 as well. The game looks and feels better when they have more time to work on levels and aren’t compelled to rush.

Ugh I am not looking forward to redownloading Hitman 1 legacy and Hitman 2 on PS5.

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I’m a PC guy, but I would think playing Hitman 1 and 2 maps on the next console would be a big plus for console gamers. On PC it will probably be minor tweaks, but for you guys the graphics and performance might take a big leap ahead.

Most of the time and money investment in building the new Hitman platform was in 2014 and 2015. It is a lot easier in 2019 and 2020 for IOI to pump out mission locations now, with smaller investment using smaller teams. All mission locatoins is just a fine tuning and variation of what they first figured out for Paris or Sapienza.