So has anyone made the old man kill himself?

Its weird. Made me laugh.

I know there’s a way to make Jorge poison himself with a flower. Do you mean that?

Jorge jumps off a cliff if he tastes bloody cocaine lol. You can get a bloody cocaine brick by fixing the coca machine and putting a body in there and then placing the brick to where you’d normally put the cocaine bus souvenir. I don’t know where you can poison him with a flower tho (or maybe you meant that you can poison the souvenir with a flower?).


My pc messed up. This first post never showed up and I got an error notice about wonky server. My bad.

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Yeah. I was talking about the blood cocain brick. I second what @Beldingford asked.

Please close the other. Thanks.

Where did you see that he could poison himself with a flower?

In the pre-beta playthroughs that were shown, I’m almost certain someone replaced his sample in the botany lab with a poisonous flower, or possibly poisoned the sample. @Lasse_IOI or another dev will know.

I made him throw himself off a cliff yes. Just place a bloody-coca-brick where you’d place the Coca Van

I tried but my step dad is still around. He’s a huge alcoholic, the type that is drunk already at 10 am.
So I hope sooner than later this get’s him. I haven’t heard from him in 2 years by the way.


Sometimes patience is best when playing hitman. Just take your time.

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Do you put the bloody coke brick down as the hippie- because I followed that story and he said it was a waste of time and went on his way?

Seems you have to place bloody brick in other outfit.
I did it in elite guards’ one and then dressed up like a hippie and went down to the cave again.
When one of those guards tells that Jorge on his way, he starts to run, and in a few seconds PIP appears and shows he’s falling.
I tried to see it myself, but he does it too quick

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Nice find m8 :+1: :grin:
Btw I like your streams. Keep it up

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