So Hitman season 3 will likely be a whole new game again instead of dlcs for Hitman 2?

I mean, whats the point of making a complete new launcher when you can just upgrade the source code for new features. All those updates and content they added overtime to Hitman 2 would be completely obsolete yet again.

I get that it could be because of business reasons to get people to buy physical discs in the console market, but they could just rename Hitman 2 as something like “HITMAN : World of Assassination” and release Season 3 content on a standalone disc.

Why do you think that?
HITMAN 2 exists because IOI cut ties with Square Enix.

When Travis mentioned during the previous Livestream regarding the ability to edit/delete player-made Contracts (as well as other things) it gave me the impression ‘HITMAN 3’ would be a separate/new game and not added onto ‘HITMAN 2’. And to be honest, I don’t know why but I thought I heard or read somewhere that H2 would be added to H1 and that we wouldn’t need a whole new game. But that wasn’t the case.

Hmm. Might as well make a poll.

Do you think/believe that ‘HITMAN 3’ will be DLC for ‘HITMAN 2’, or a completely new/separate game?

  • DLC
  • A whole new game (er, world. insert Aladdin gif)

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They are fully independent, they have the source code to do whatever they would want with the existing HITMAN 2 so I don’t see a point of a completely new HITMAN 3 unless its on a completely new engine with different mechanics and graphical features.


I think there is the chance (from marketing stand point) that Season 3 will be a standalone game that reuses HITMAN 2 launcher (to not break anything).

As for a reason why… let’s just say that A LOT of casual audience might complain that DLC costs as much as new game giving game negative reviews.

On the other hand releasing it as standalone game might have people complaining about buying a “map pack” as a new game. In this case however I think amount of people with negative thoughts should be lower.

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It might seem like a double edged sword but I think IOI should focus on what the fans want more, lets not forget absolution. With top notch updates, a 60$ season 3 can work very well. Sure, there would be confusion among the casual audience a bit first but it will blow over time.

I mean they made it clear they want Hitman to be live service, live service games dont have new games every 5 or 4 years later. Completely destroys the point of investing time into the game, learning the meta and stuff.


Yeah but I think that IOI might not have time for a game to blow over time.

I mean the whole Square Enix situation happened because HITMAN didn’t met initial expectations, and even with IOI as independent studio, I don’t think they would like taking risks.

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I think re releasing it as an entire new game would be a risk and more resource consuming. Unless they have something very new to offer, it would generally get more negative reviews because there are people who already call HITMAN 2 Hitman 1.5.


I think if they were gonna release HITMAN 3 on disc, they would have to give people who own HITMAN 2 on disc a way to redeem legacy mk 2, then it could use the same game launcher, so just giving them a digital version of whats on the disc of HITMAN 2, depends if that would lose them money, it’s confusing :smile:

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Its not confusing, you would still be able to play Season 3 like you are able to play Season 1 within HITMAN 2 without owning Hitman season 2.

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Yes, but that’s basically a double edged sword as you mentioned. In place we’re standing right now we simply don’t know which choice is more risky and which might be more successfull in initial and long run.

As long as i don’t have to redo all the HITMAN 1 and 2 missions, but we obviously want all the missions together


I dont want them to take too many risks at this point which could result in Hitman dying potentially, lets not forget its not really a popular franchise anymore, nor are stealth games at this point in the industry. Just sticking to an existing formula for now with updates can work.

I agree but from what I see both solutions are risky and sooner or later IOI need to make a choice what to do.

well lets just hope for the best

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This. This is the nightmare.


This. Took me over 150 hours to complete Season 1 and 2 and mostly all challenges.
IOI also said that most of the changes that the community want are not possible in Hitman 2 and might be added in Hitman 3 so that should mean a new game instead of just DLC missions like the Bank and Resort.


imagine doing the challenge packs yet again

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Those are easy. The escalations and elusive targets are really bad. Glad I didn’t bother with them when playing Season 1. When I heard that those unlocks wouldn’t port to Hitman 2, I felt like I dodged a bullet and that’s why I won’t bother with them in Hitman 2.

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If they make a new game I just want them to keep my progress and unlocks, somehow. Thats it.