So, I bought the Deluxe edition

Because I wanted the golden devil suit so bad, I enjoyed Hitman Blood Money with a friend so much, back in the days, that I wanted to pay.

It’s been the first time in my life that I bought a game in a more expensive edition than the standard one.

Deluxe edition was the most expensive version at this time. Since IO gave me so much fun moments with the Hitman Games, I told myself “Eh, I finally have money to support the game makers that give original stuff”

But, and I’m probably not the only one telling myself this, WHY in the world don’t I have access to the “Seven Deadly Sins” levels ?
I was supposed to buy some season pass, ADDED to a game edition that was the most expensive version of this game at this time ?

Honestly, I still love hitman games, but I felt reaaally betrayed by IOI, because one of my opinion that leads me to this buy, was that IOI wasn’t EA games.

Anyone else felt the same way, buying the Deluxe edition without the DLC ?

Not really. They delivered everything they promised with the Deluxe Edition, so I got what I paid for. Seven Deadly Sins DLC was not one of them.

It is strange to see this complaint now, though, since the purchase options have been changed so new players don’t get confused as you did.


I forgot to say that I bought the Deluxe Edition a week after Hitman 3 came out.

That makes a bit more sense.

No offense, but I personally find your post a little funny because it feels like it should have been posted two years ago.


I agree, two years ago I commented on IOI FB, Twitter, but I wasn’t aware of this forum yet

Well, the Deluxe Edition of HITMAN 3 was (or still is?) the biggest dissapointment of the WoA trilogy, and maybe of the whole HITMAN series in my opinion.
Why? Because Deluxe differs from Standard with just exclusively 6 additional Escalation contracts. Correct me if I wrong and forgot details since the release.
I mean is it sensible to call the game edition Deluxe when it has strictly speaking nothing in addition to Standard one?
Ok, it offers couple of exclusive items, but that’s it.
Over time after buying Deluxe I felt kind of cheated because I got practically nothing for almost double price paid. This fact upsets me even now.
Look at least at Gold Edition of HITMAN 2 - it has much more of additional content and I say worth its money.
But does HITMAN 3 Deluxe worth its money? Definely no.
I had hoped IOI will prise their Deluxe buyers somehow in a future, but those hopes seems were broken


I can say that I was not upset by the Deluxe edition content. I felt that it was actually worth a bit more than the standard version (possibly not as much as they charged, but still). There were players who were satisfied with it.


tbf from my experience naming convention is:
standard, contains the base game;
deluxe, contains the base game and extra cosmetics;
ultimate, contains everything else + season pass.

look at pretty much any major game release from the last 5 years and you’ll see the same sort of content on offer at each price point. generally deluxe editions aren’t worth getting unless you really want the cosmetics since they usually cost 10-20 more

The Deluxe Edition gave the content it was supposed to give. They didn’t tease the Seven Deadly Sins DLC right after the game was out. Personally i didn’t buy it right away as i didn’t unlock all the content from the og. This DLC is the added content we’re supposed to have after the game was out for some time. I did’t feel spoiled.
That the game is the most disappointing game of the trilogy in terms of content and expectations is another topic - i love this game so much though!

Have I fallen through a wormhole? :joy:

This discussion has happened way too many times over the last 2 years so I’ll keep it brief.
I get it, the biggest edition of the game didn’t give you the biggest amount you could get. But… why expect the 7DS Bundle to be included? You paid for the Deluxe Edition for what was written on the page. You got it all about 2 months later. That’s it.

Oh, IOI just revealed a new DLC scheme? Sorry you have to fork over more money (if you really want it) but consensus is, you’re probably not missing out on much…

Anyway, uh, why post this now? It’s a non-issue, and preeeetty late to the party.
At least you get more stuff to decorate your house with in Freelancer now.


I got the deluxe version on sale for the price of the base game ($59.99). So no complaints. Plus the Devil’s Own Blood Money suit was worth it! :rofl:

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What nostalgia does to a person to cover up a bad deal.


It’s only a bad deal if you actually care about the price. When obtaining the product is your only priority, there is no bad deal. I see where @47Agent is coming from.

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@Dribbleondo I didn’t pay for it. Best deal ever. :rofl:

I didn’t find it a bad deal personally and i paid full price for it. The escalations were fun and engaging. The soundtrack was a neat addition and the suits are some of my favorites

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Until I unlocked the Tactical Colorado suit with the hat, the Black Dragon was exclusively the outfit I wore for almost the entirety of Hitman 3!