So, I did a thing

Last night, I decided to kill off my passion for this franchise once and for all, by documenting every NPC in the game (well, everyone who can be set as a target).

I started with The Final Test, which only has a total of 47 people (plus 47 himself, which had to be intentional, right?), and it took me several hours, but now I have a database of every single NPC’s name, appearance, location, disguise enforcement, and whatever else I felt was relevant to distinguish them all from each other.

Paris is going to be a much larger operation with 299 + 47 (Hitman, not some weird way of saying there’s 346), but it’s fairly easy to classify. For the most part, they’re either inside or outside, and inside can be defined by what floor they’re on and roughly where.

Sapienza, however… I have no idea how I’m going to concisely define each person in Sapienza, as there’s still 299 (I think?), but now they’re spread between four distinct buildings, the sprawling outside, and the sewers, which are kind of in-between.

This had better all be worth it…

Have any of you ever done anything painstaking such as this on Hitman, or any other game for that matter? Please let someone have, I don’t want to be the only one who does stupid things on games!


@Tigh_Himes liking this reminded me, I’m not alone. What’s the next “using a target as a projectile” project?

On the next episode of Dude Perfect Hitman you will see one of the Washington twins fly into the money pit from the heli pad of the Constant.
Thus happening while the other twin roasts in the Phoenix. Silent Assassin!


Awesome! Please feel free to post your videos in here for me to see! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I added targets for Contracts mode to my fork of hitman roulette, which was a similar job, but it was like 15-20 people per mission, and only for season 2 (s1 was done before me).

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Yeah, I’m aiming for something similar eventually, but with everyone across both games! :sweat_smile:

Are you planning to post the list here or somewhere else? It’s a cool idea :bulb: but seems also like a mega huge project :woozy_face:


And to think one of the IO employees has probably got such a file sitting unused on his computer.
But I agree, it would be interesting to see. I wish you luck and strength.


I’m not entirely sure where I’ll post the list yet. The original purpose of the idea is for a YouTube series I want to make, but couldn’t find the information I’d need (listed in OP) on the internet, because presumably no-one is as sad as me :sweat_smile:

I have actually considered trying to convert my list into a website with the ability to filter through the information based on what you want to know, kind of like Hitman Roulette but with a different goal in mind. The benefit to this is that, if it became reasonably popular and well-visited, I could potentially run a couple of (unintrusive) ads (I’d be very particular because I hate how some websites run ads these days) to make a little money on the side for all the hours of work I’ll have put into it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I hadn’t thought of that. If any IO employees want to send me the list, that’d be great :joy:


I like to study how 47 walks and moves, then I’ll try to imitate him. Especially the walk.
When I was a teen it was a disaster because all my personal character was evolving around how 47 does it. But that passed I think at 16 when I start going to the gym. I developed my own persona. I still walk sometimes like 47 or try at least.


As a teenager, I had a brief phase of trying to learn San Andreas terminology for stuff (“CRASH” for police, “paper” for money, etc). Fortunately, I never got ‘fluent’ enough that I took it public :sweat_smile:


Well at least you don’t got your friends calling you San Andreas. Who knows me that hasn’t seen me for a lot of time are like “Hey Hitman!” “How are you Hitman” “That’s a nice thing you have, is it the same Hitman uses?”.
I was pretty obsessed back then that I gain this reputation.


That’s pretty funny, although you should correct them and be “actually, it’s 47” :rofl:

I think I speak for everyone when I say we need video footage of your Hitman mannerisms now!


Im trying to do some similiar stuff myself and i am willing to help. I can even help out with missions without contracts mode.

Ah, data mining? Tbh, I don’t know if missions without contracts mode will be necessary, because my idea requires the person to be checkable during gameplay, which I believe would mean it needs to be played in Contracts Mode? Unless I’m wrong?

Well, yeah, that too. But you can just play the normal The Author and see for yourself, but since there is no contracts mode for it, i can pull out any names i can from the files

For my idea, this would depend hugely on how distinctive all the characters are from each other, be it physical appearance, location or behaviour differences. :thinking:

Reminds you that i did way over half of the Hitman 1 and 2 Side Characters pages in Wikia, so i have passion for the NPCs too.


Right, so you do that, as that can be done without contracts mode. Contracts mode is only needed for the name