So i still don’t understand why the patient zero missions can’t be used for Contracts mode


Obviously SPOILER ALERT. So guys why the maps can’t be used? I can understand the sniper mission and even the Hokkaidō mission (however for me for use this map there is one possibility, and is to completely ignore the spreading virus and just kill who you want in the contract) but in the first two mission I don’t see anything that is dinamic, am I missing something??

  1. There is no reason the Bangkok one can’t have contracts
  2. I’ve heard people say that a target leaves after a while in the Sapienza one. Never had this happen, and as long as takes more than 10 minutes it should not be a problem either. So contracts on this one is fine aswell.
  3. Colorado sniper map is just horrible, and i hope they won’t try to revisit this idea in the future. Stick to sandbox gameplay please.
  4. There is the spreading virus in Hokkaido one, but that would not have to prevent contracts mode. If anything it could result in some interesting contracts where you would have to choose between stopping the virus straight away and then go for the targets, or other way around.

So 3 out of 4 could and should have contracts mode with it. Colorado doesn’t, but again, i hope they will never try something like that again


Not played Hokkaido yet, and Colorado is a write-off, but ‘The Source’ and ‘The Author’ would be huge additions to contracts mode.

It seems such a shame to waste all those great disguises, atmosphere, and potential, by keeping them as missions only. If they were added into contracts mode they would be played for months and months, rather than just days/weeks (as has happened with ‘The Icon’ and ‘Landslide’).


Yes we should say to IO that would be really great to have those maps in contract


We really could do so much with bangkok, there are people having drinks you could poison, new military forces, cult followers, guards. I would be all over this.

A foggy sapienza would make for fun creepy contracts, like the superfan or people attending the book reading.

Shame we cant have the freedom to create with these levels, i already have ideas for several contracts within them. Nobody is going to care about the dynamic aspects in contracts really.


Even if the target leaves after a while in the second one, all they’d have to do is add a time limit complication if you select him as a contracts target. Easy peasy!


It’s only been a day. I think there may be stuff undiscovered on the P Zero Campaign maps that would break contracts.

On the flip side would we be happy if IOI was just quiet about it and threw the maps into contracts mode anyway and just let the chips fall, while waiting for people to complain about hackers because “Dis target not on the map yo!”?


No i discovered everything in the first 10 minutes.


Maybe the problem is something code related. Or maybe some events are conditional - some of the stuff people posted make me think there is the possibility NPC’s have hidden redacted Opportunities… maybe…





My 2 cents though… and this would only work because of the character of HITMAN players… they just let us have the maps.

I mean… if something is broken we’ll work around it with the complications. (Eg: if we know an NPC will leave the map in X time we can use a Time Limit complication).




I said this in another thread, but it applies here:

I suspect the reason they don’t want contracts made in Holiday Hoarders or these missions is the same reason that they’ve said that they don’t want infinitely replayable ETs. If you spend enough time in these missions you’d really notice how pasted-in and cobbled together everything is. Most of the NPCs are unchanged so their dialogue doesn’t make sense, and a lot of the unchanged environmental features don’t make sense. I’ve even noticed that the targets have generic NPC voices when you bump into them, like ETs but unlike all other mission targets.

I think this indicates just how difficult it is to create a new bonus mission of the caliber of the summer bonus episodes. They clearly did a lot of work on Holiday Hoarders and these missions, but they left a lot of holes. I think it’s fine to have both types: the more quick-and-dirty bonus missions and campaigns as well as the bonus missions that take a lot of time and divert resources from future seasons. It’d be nice to make contracts in these new missions but I think I understand their rationale.


they are different from the bonus episodes.
a bonus episode is a new mission,most of the map get modified,have single game files,and they reserved the contract id for them
However,Holiday Hoarders and Patient Zero are something like ‘escalations’.Many of the map didn’t get modified.Another proof is we got a 3.7 GB package on pc this time which contains the 4 new missions and updates,obviously much smaller than a single mission before. i think this kind of mission must depend on the main level when they are could be the reason.


With the difference that holiday hoarders is practically the same map with just few graphical changes. In these maps anyway there are entire new NPCs and setting. For me IO should really find a way for making these missions available in contract.


This is a discussion that we’re also having in the studio at IOI too. We made the call not to include the PZ missions for Contracts Mode for good reason, and now we’re seeing a lot of feedback on that call and opening up the discussion again.

There are no promises here, but I just want you to know that we’re reading the feedback.

GOTY edition worth it?

It’s good to hear that, as those missions have great potential in Contracts. And would certainly prolong replayability of the game - in a good way of course, by giving us more space to make even more different contracts.

I’m sure we all would like to see all altered maps in this mode - Holiday Hoarders included. 3rd mission in colorado I would understand, it’s pretty closed map, and even if we could be on the ground it would feel empty.

And btw. to prevent one of targets to leave the map in Sapienza, you just need to destroy the bell, and that’s it.

Really you should make them avaible for contract mode.


While the opportunity to use the Bangkok and Sapi maps in contracts would be great, having Hokkaido in there could really add something different too.

Don’t know what is/isn’t possible, but if the infection complication stayed in it would be pretty cool to have to make decisions around how/when to deal with it alongside the targets.


Yes, it is really good to hear that you at IOI are listening the feedback. This for me is the difference that there is between a great developing studio and the others.


and hopefully they will add an option to scroll inventory fast with mousce scroll without stopping game. I’d love to see that.