So i still don’t understand why the patient zero missions can’t be used for Contracts mode


Really hope you guys use it for contracts, I loved the maps!


Just want to say I am for moar contract maps, too. Including the Freeform Testing in the ICA facility.


Please enable these, and also Holiday Hoarders, if possible. I understand if they’re not ready for prime time right now (unnamed NPCs or tweaks that IOI may have wanted to make that haven’t been made yet, technical issues, etc.), but it would add SO MUCH to have 2-3 new maps to do contracts on. It doesn’t even bother me that parts of Sapienza are unchanged for The Author, because enough is changed that it’s different, and even similar targets have different approaches due to the lack of the Safe House, different start and smuggle point, and so forth. It’d be nice just as a change of pace.


Yeah, and Hokkaido has hundreds of npc’s outside of the hospital that could be potential targets, all of them. @Travis_IOI


You’re also Trespassing/Hostile everywhere as if you’re the Ninja. Suits are not legal on Patient Zero. That alone totally changes Hokkaido.


True, I always thought Hokkaido was well designed for a full hostile map tbh.


I just would like to say that even if you guys end up not using the new maps for contracts mode, the fact that you guys @Travis_IOI read the feedback and are taking it into consideration speaks for itself. Thank y’all big time! Mucho Appreciato :sunglasses:


thanks for listening either way. I think everything but Patient Zero would be amazing for contracts mode, and would be nice to have contracts in Sniper Colorado, coupled with a update that allows you to tag people when seeing them with the sniper wink wink


Imagine if they do NOT become Targets when infected in Contracts Mode! So Patient Zero Hokkaido is basically HITMAN’s “Zombie Map”.

Now THERE’s an idea!


Really hoping you can eventually include these maps in contracts, there are so many possibilities in the 3 you can walk around in.


It was very cool in my opinion. As a separate mini campaign of sniper maps what can be wrong with it? It’s pure fun (it can always be improved and more cool challenges can be added)


Same for me. Maybe it’s not one of the greatest maps but i loved the fact the IOI tried to make something new in this Patient Zero campaign and to have more variety Is always a good thing. And even if someone don’t like the mission just not play it.


I think the overwhelming truth is that us (the core group that’s loved your game since day one wants these opened up for contracts very much including holiday hoarders)… and that everyone else who just got the game is overwhelmed by the incredible amount of content. Give us contracts mode for all these excellent re-skins of maps… we will love you even more for it.


I think there is no problem in deactivating “the spreading virus” on hokkaido.

But I even would appreciate it as getting 47 infected by “the virus” and using it as a killing method in contracts mode.
Actually I don’t know at the moment, if the NPCs could die through a virus infection, if you hang around in Hokkaido for an hour, if not I0I should make an update to this.

The sniper thing is just bad, I think the problem is also, that the starting location has no way that leads to the farm.
The best “sniper only” thing could have been, if I0I would have implement this feature to every mission, that you could beat with just sniping out your target.

I also can’t belief that the “esacping targets”-feature in Sapienza excluding the map out of the mission mode.

All in one: the dlc is more or less a huge disapointment to me.


Whatever You end up doing, this is why You Guys are the best!


I really hope that will be possible to implement these maps in contract. Lot of fun here


One example of why a contracts mode would be cool. This is a neat trick to kill Brother in The Author, yet it’s pointless right now because of the virus. With contracts, you could use this in neat ways.


I’m baffled that IOI think this would be a good idea and not receive backlash or a pile of questions regarding this.

A lot of “design” choices and subsequent missed opportunities (no not in-game ones but in general) almost sounds as if it’s their first game they’ve ever created and aren’t familiar with their own engine yet. (And I don’t really care if we have a sniper briefcase or not but the explanation why it isn’t there sort of worries me to some extent)


Maybe I’m late to the party, but the female target in The Source leaves if she knows the other target is dead. Technically, all four missions have something “dynamic” about them.


Imho she only moves to the backyard instead of actually escaping. . Still Yuiki and Silvio could flee as well and we can create contracts for these maps.