So is WB going to completely railroad this franchise into the ground, EA style or what?


Penny for your thoughts.


we’ll see


WB has no creative control over HITMAN.
At least not any other than what IOI would allow it to have. They own Publishing Rights that is all.
IOI can revoke them if they begin to disagree.

This isn’t like say the relationship Bioware has with EA where they are an owned subsidiary.

In addition, this isn’t even like WB’s relationship with Rocksteady where Rocksteady are making Batman games with rights that were granted by WB (through DC). In that situation WB would have the last say on what would be acceptable for a Batman adventure.

Truth is if WB make a bigger play to try and “own” more of HITMAN (the IP itself or they want the movie rights) we should see that, at least in the short term, as a good sign. It means WB feel HITMAN can be a big success.

As it is, it seems WB are at least content with publishing/selling the game. So right now it is an indifferent position.


Well, WB hasn’t forced IO to produce games every single year, or to develop a busted game economy where mictrotransactions would be essential to get the gear, or to include a Battle Royale/Multiplayer mode, so things are looking promising

…for now.


IOI are independent and free. WB has no control over IOI.

IOI partnered with WB to distribute and publish the game. They essentially hired WB.

It’s possible that IOI signed a contract with some really unfavorable conditions that give WB some leverage over them. But I think that’s pretty unlikely.


I don’t think they will turn EA, since IO are the devs and WB just the publishers. If they do I think it won’t be lootboxes


Could someone enlighten me? What’s wrong with WB? They published Dying Light and Hitman. Neither of them had development interfered by WB as far as I know.


No, WB does not have creative control over Io-Interactive. They do not own Io or the Hitman IP. The kind of demands you could make as an owner of a subsidiary is incredibly different from that of a mere publisher.


There most recent turd was Shadow of War. They probed how fans would respond to excessive microtransactions and a loot box centric game design by touting how great microtransactions are in a stream and on social media. It was a regular gay pride parade.

They took Shadow of Mordor (the prequel, very well received) and turned it in to a joke. I have never seen a new title drop from $60 to $16 so fast, but I think fallout 76 is about to break their record :laughing:.

After they made their first bump of cash on the initial release (3monthperiod? 5month?) they suddenly grew a conscience and gave a heart felt apology to the fan base (cause the money wasnt coming in). They suggested that they are all about making great games and gamers are super cool and would you like a hand job with that. “We learned our lesson”. They eliminated the loot boxes and micro transactions from the game, at what cost. This was them throwing the net out again to see what fish they could pull in. Shit, they got me with it.

Since the game was centered around loot crates… well, its a bit choppy now. I bought the $16 dollar sale and it just feels slightly off balance. It feels odd. Removing the loot crates left a void.

They said they are all about making great games, but I want to see how they do their next few titles. Shadow box which way they connive :japanese_ogre:That goes thriple-so for Bethesdas ass.

They injured the Mordor franchise, I just worry for Hitman.


Thats very comforting. I saw a reddit post where the author was terrified at the low profit Hitman 2 was making. It got me spooked.


tbh I’m more worried if the deal between IO and Square Enix has an expiry date than I am about any WB interference. According to some people in the know SE still own the IP, it’s merely exclusively licensed to IO.


Gross. Another thing to keep an eye on.


Hmm… But this is what Square Enix told the planet Earth:

As a publicly traded company, Square Enix can be put to task for saying something that isn’t true.
The basic interpretation of what they said was “IOI keep the HITMAN IP”.

Where is the source saying it is only exclusively licenced to IOI?


Also a simple test… look at any promo material fine print if it says “HITMAN is a trademark of so and so company…”

Or boot up 2016 game. It used to have Square Enix as the first logo. If they still own it. Should be their logo on there and HITMAN 2.


WB does not own IOI
WB does not own the Hitman franchise
As far as we are aware, there is no deal in place for further Hitman games to be published by WB

If the franchise is to be run into the ground, it will be by the hand of IOI themselves, whether through making bad decisions (the revised lore and plot twists), financial difficulties, or allowing a publisher to meddle with the product too much.

Yes, WB is a highly questionable publisher at the best of times, but talking about Mordor-esque microtransactions and the like in Hitman is fearmongering on level with the General News 2.0 thread at this point.


Read the fine print for HITMAN 2.

HITMAN™ 2 © 2018 IO Interactive A/S. IO Interactive, IOI logo, HITMAN 2, HITMAN 2 logo, and WORLD OF ASSASSINATION are trademarks or registered trademarks owned by or exclusively licensed to IO Interactive A/S. Distributed by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

The “exclusively licensed” part makes no sense if they own the IP. IO never claimed to own the IP either after the split - the only announced that they have “full control of the HITMAN IP”. Because it’s exclusively licensed to them.


Well without seeing what SE agreed to specifically then an “Exclusive Licensee” can on occasion actually have power over the “Licence Holder”.

There are supposed to be exclusions.

The other problem is the phrasing. I have seen this exact blanket phrase used for the actual trademark owners. So who knows?


Where did you got that information from?


With the current sales figure in hand, unless the commercial performance drastically picks up over the next few months, we will be lucky if we even get a Season 3…


What do you know about financial books of IOI. Without knowing that your comment is useless blabbering.