So is WB going to completely railroad this franchise into the ground, EA style or what?


It’s not a big surprise the game as of now is not performing too well, getting eclipsed by even Fallout 76 and Battlefield V in the charts(which are considered commercial flops themselves) along with the fact that sales were 90% down compared to Absolution.

Many online retailers are selling the game at discounted prices everywhere(over 30% off) and there’s barely any traffic for this game on gaming websites, streaming websites like Twitch and also YouTube.

Point is from what we know so far, the sales really aren’t too hot but there is always a chance that it will pick up over the months.


Maybe we just let IOI and WB worry about that. There’s only so much we can do as players.


You using a word fact in this sentence highlights the fact that you are clueless what you are talking about.

This game was never streamed in high volumes and it never will be. This is not a game that is streamed regularly.
I like how you decide games success based on it’s streaming volumes.


What? Your passive hostility is unwarranted in this discussion and it doesn’t negate the “fact” that its physical sales were 90% down by Absolution. Don’t believe me? Look it up.

Never said it was a primary qualifier for a great sales performance but in many cases it could hold bearing(Fortnite, RDR2, GTAV, PUBG etc). Also, yes the game indeed has very little traffic on gaming websites and I have seen journalists from websites like Forbes and Push Square saying that any articles surrounding HITMAN 2 gains very few clicks for them. These factors may look trivial to you on the surface but it could still hold weight.

Also, I like how you completely ignored the part about the game being discounted by 30% on many retail websites whereas titles like RDR2 are still being sold for a full $60 even today. I don’t know about you but normally a game having its price drop down by 30% barely a week after release isn’t exactly a comforting indicator for its sales. :slight_smile:

Another thing you completely ignored was me saying near the end of my comment that there is a chance that sales figures could boost up. I am not saying we will NEVER have a Season 3(I want S3) but I am saying that if sales figures continue to be disappointing(at least if IOI finds them to be) then don’t be surprised if it has a negative impact on the development of the next game.


the “fact” that its physical sales were 90% down by Absolution. Don’t believe me? Look it up.

Everyone needs to stop bringing Absolution and its sales numbers up in relation to HITMAN and HITMAN 2.

Absolution had a gargantuan marketing budget (which needed to be offset as well) and was released in 2012. Digital sales have soared since then, especially on PC which is perhaps the most important platform for the series.

The discounts a week after release can, in part, be explained by Black Friday.

Comparing RDR2 to Hitman 2 is a foolish thing to do; a hyped up Rockstar evergreen game, their first in years with loads of marketing and a huge dev investment, in a wholly different genre (sandbox/open world third person shooter) with different sales expectations and targets simply cannot be seen in the exact same light as Hitman 2.


Do you realize these two sentences are different? Can you imagine because of this people can question your usage of the word “fact”?


Never mentioned they had the same sales targets. In fact I mentioned it in an earlier thread that HITMAN 2’s sales targets are probably not crazy high because its more or less a big expansion rather than a brand new game( which I am fine with).

None of us really know the exact sales figures for this game though and we could only speculate through reports surfacing online. Either way I do hope this game proves to be successful to IOI in the long run so that this franchise can secure a great future.


Yup. I should have put the “physical” bit in the earlier comment. My bad…but I still stick with the rest of my points.


No, no & no. For me the WB & IO combo has been brilliant, the game was marketed perfectly along with the design of the promo pics, videos etc its been spot on and I cant be the only one who thinks this.

Hope they stick together for the next installment


the marketing has been pretty good. as long as WB just handles the marketing, we"ll be good


Fully agree, but why would they? they’ve got a self sufficient dev partner in IO I think they’ll just stick at what they’re good at publishing, marketing and getting physical copies on the shelves.


I’m actually glad that IOI has moved away from Square-Enix - ESPECIALLY taking over ownership on the Hitman IP. Lately, Square-Enix has been a complete sh!tshow. See The Quiet Man as an example (yes Square put out that piece of sh!t as a $60 game!!!). How they’ve also treated their Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, and even Final Fantasy.

I’m sure WB down the line will find ways to F*ck things up, but for right now and foreseeable future, IOI is in much much better hands.


I added some bits and highlighted the important parts.

also worth remembering that there isn’t even a physical version of the game for PC…


Indeed. Thanks for the clarification.


PC physical sales went down by 100%!


fuck this truly is the end of IO


UK is the biggest European market though.


They should just sell the IP to Epic Games, would love to see what they’d do with hitman


That is ridiculous.

… Sell it to Nintendo. But only because Disney is not making games.


Just sell Hitman to EA games so we can finally have the money system back like we always wanted :^) (with added microtransactions and ICA lootboxes of course)