So remember when IO tried to replace David Bateson?

We still don’t know why, do we? Was William Mapother really just a placeholder or did IO listen to the fans’ displeasure?

I’m really hoping he was just a placeholder all along. Nothing against William but that American accent was terrible for 47, ABSOLUTely wouldn’t go with 47’s face.

Anyway, glad they didn’t make the same mistake with HITMAN 2016.


Yeah. I can’t imagine someone other than Bateson voicing 47. Maybe i’d get used to it, but it would never stack up to Bateson’s performance. Kinda how i feel about keifer sutherland playing big boss

Maybe IOI didn’t think the fanbase would actually care that much over it.

Didn’t he resign for season 2 tho? Not sure at all.

Would be a strange move. Where did you hear that?

In interviews David said he’d never choose to NOT voice 47, at least I think he has said that. He also seems like he knows he’s the guy who can play 47 properly, in a humble way.

The only way I could see him resigning is via passing away, because I don’t think it’s just about the money for him, he seems like a fan of the series. But hey, I’m just assuming here.

It would be a huge disappointment if he did decide to resign, his 47 voice is amazing.


His voice in general is to die for. I’m sure one day he’ll want to pass the torch but i would hope he has something to do with picking the new voice.

Here. It was a shitshow that week. Everyone talking about him resigning. But I haven’t followed on that news.

Oh my god!! If 47’s voice was anybody else’s, other than Bateson, I would completely lose my shit, no freaking joke!!

I mean of course I would still play the future games if he weren’t voicing him anymore, but it would be tremendously hard. It just WOULD NOT be the same without him. David Bateson IS and will always BE, 47. He could never be replaced!

IMO when/if Bateson is done with 47’s voice, the series should just end then. No reboots…nothing! When David dies, so shall 47 :disappointed:

If Bateson resigns, I’d just rather 47 become completely mute. That’s how much I love Bateson.

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Hey guys, I’m not so sure it was a thing. Look it up. I do remember that once there was a full week shitshow on posts regarding him resigning, but I seriously do not know if it is a thing.

It kinda reminds me how kojima got rid of david hayter for big boss. I’m glad the same never happened to Bateson.

I was thinking they wanted the mocapper to do the voice/thought the new actor was better than the old one.

Still wish it was left in as an alternate track. Really curious what his 47 would have been like.

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That was heresy. I mean it.

I’ve listened to the Japanese and Russian versions of 47 and don’t really mind them, as long as Bateson is the “official” voice.

I would cough blood if IOI replaced him.

Remember when 14 year old Heisenberg made a thread about how Mapother was better than Bateson


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Who’s voice was in run for your life demo walkthrough : ,I never left’’? I liked it a lot. It sounds very dark.
But anyways, I prefer David Bateson :wink:


Re: these posts about David Bateson “resigning” for season 2 (well, other than just a request if someone could please source that so that we know whether we’re just dealing with some internet ‘Chinese whispers’ or something more concrete than that): are we sure whether the phrase was “resigning” or “re-signing”? There’s a pretty big difference between the two! :smile:

On balance I’d guess that if this was at all something genuine rather than just a rumour without substance, then Bateson would probably be more likely to be “re-signing” for season 2 rather than "resigning). (With admittedly nothing to base that on other than the game seems to be doing alright and Bateson is on record saying how much he enjoys playing 47 whenever the opportunities arise.)

Lmao damn! That second guy sounds like a complete nerd :nerd_face: “At a price, of course” Thank the lord they kept Bateson!!!

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