So what's everyone's favourite suit from trilogy?

I love the trinity suits myself, can’t have them though because I missed pre order.:sob::disappointed_relieved::sweat:

Also the winter suit though and cashmeire.

Cowboy Suit

Devil’s Own (without mask)

Imperial Classic with Gloves

Lynch Suit

Midnight Black Suit

Phantom Suit

Rapacious Suit

Requiem Suit

The Black Dragon

Ultimate Black Suit

Winter Sports Suit


The Devil’s Own. Fell in love with it in Blood Money and love it even more in WoA.

edit Whoops, well technically The Devil’s Own isn’t from the trilogy so… I would have to say the Raven suit or the Cashmerian suit.


The black dragon ? Never heard of that, sounds awesome, anything black is good for me

It’s from Deluxe Edition

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Ashen Suit or Undying Look are my favourite (they’re the same :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:), i like the Cashmerian but i really wish they’d up the quality of it


Man its killing me, the ultimate black suit is so god damn perfect

Forever and always



The Classic All-Black suit from Hitman 2.

Sad to see it changed to complete black in Hitman 3…

The one from Hitman 2 was closer to the color of the suit in H2SA and I though that’s what they meant by classic :slight_smile:

Hopefully a mod will rectify this :grin:


No it didn’t.


Sweet :smiley:

Since I don’t own H3 yet, I couldn’t test to see it in-game myself.

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I aim to please.

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I often use the kashmerian suit bc I love three piece suits, you can’t go wrong with the classic signature suit with gloves, and the touristy short sleeve button up shirt with a hat is a fun outfit for when a suit isn’t appropriate.

But you can’t mention suits around me without my mind going “why don’t we have a 17 suit yet?”


The Black Dragon Suit is my favorite Themed Suit, even if i dont understand why its called black instead of red…

I usually go with the Signature Suit with Gloves, but the Neon City Suit with Gloves is awesome too.


The Phantom Suit.


Classic all black all the way. It was nice earning it in H2 when things were harder.


I’m pretty sure I have (almost) all the suits. But I just take whatever’s the standard suit on every playthrough. Never even occured to me to pick a specific suit. Although there are a few advantages in certain suits (Buccaneer, …).
So what’s my favorite suit? I haven’t found it yet or just don’t care enough.

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Number 6 suit is a personal favourite of mine, and smart casual is another that i like. i use terminus a lot for some reason too.
i cant pick a favourite tbh, got so many suits i love!!


More often than not, I go with the Absolution Suit. It maintains 47’s Signature style, but the contrasts are better than the normal Signature Suit (darker blacks, a better red tie) and the tie-pin keeping the tie from flailing, but still a little loose. I also like the Suburban Suit for having this signature color style too.

I also like The Devil’s Own as a Isle of Sgàil alternative, but have been liking the flashy nature of The Rapacious Suit for most other maps lately.

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I mean. . . do you really have to ask me? :rofl: