So why was this site down?



Btw I don’t know if you guys knew this but forum went down this morning because of my request.

However Amp told me taking whole forum down for four days would be too long so he just decided to do it for hour or so…


So whenever this happens I can take my frustration out on you? Works for me! :thumbsup:

Seriously though, I just got off from work and didn’t even notice.



Do you know that situation when there’s a power outage and you’re sitting there, in the darkness, wondering what you could do?
I could watch TV- oh wait… read a book- oh wait… I’ll just turn on the radi- gaaaahhh!

You don’t know that?

What about no Internet, then?
Fine, I’ll just watch some stuff on YouTu- oh wait… someone probably posted something funny on Facebook aga- nope… maybe if I search “What to do when you don’t have Internet” on Goog- FUCK!

This site being down feels a little like that.


Is the site running like garbage for anyone else? I’m able to browse other websites just fine but here it’s taking forever for to scroll through posts and images take a long time to load as well.


It’s running fine for me.


Still feels like there’s fairly common outages lately. I’ve upped my Patreon pledge a tad, if that helps keep the lights on.


Yes. Pretty much exactly what you described, except for me it comes and goes. Plus I’m using a mobile right now so could be that?


I use my iPhone to browse and I’ve had no problems, apart from it going down obviously.


I exclusively access HMF from my telephone and I haven’t seen any slow downs. Just the outtages.


WE ARE BACK UP! YESSSfklfkldfjldf!!!1!!!11!!!


Apparently I though that hmf was down again but its the problem with instead of


i can only access it by entering through a section of the forum… if i just type it never works :frowning:


Clicking that link just gives me the upper bar, nothing else.


Same with me. Nothing on screen but what you’re seeing.

PS, happy anniversary (cake slice beside your name).


Huawei P9 with Chrome here. Typing works just fine. But clicking on it does not.


I believe this has to do with a server configuration error regarding a redirection. When you enter you’re supposed to be redirected to It appends an additional slash though, so that you end up on Discourse then though has a problem with that, notes a security error in the log and doesn’t continue loading:

That’s at least my observation. If you directly enter www.​ there will be no redirection, thus you can access the site as normal.

I guess @ampburner might have to fix a configuration in the nginx redirection (or does Discourse do the redirection?).


@Mini-Me thanks! I have not given this the attention it deserves. I’ll look into it :slight_smile: