So why was this site down?



Seeing the bad gateway page during four days be like


The old guy from down the street stopped peddling.



He is joking right? I can’t tell over the interwebs.


It should say “Allan please add details” when it goes down.


Finally! The first day I was like oh well, but today I was like oh shit,


Take it down for four years then.


Please don’t do that



I want this to be true more than you can possibly imagine.


Talk about punishing the wrong people.


You’re joking right?


Only if he was. This website is read by plenty of people who had no say whether Trump is elected or not.


@ampburner are you joking? I can’t tell if you’re joking and neither can @BogdanM.


Why is there such a big deal with Trump? I actually believe he is going to be a good president. And I’m not joking.
These will be some 4 curious years to come


You’re joking right?


No, I’m really not.



Are you sure you’re not joking? I can’t tell.


For real. I am not. Why do many people think hes going to be a disaster?