Soders Walking

I think that on the opposite side of 47s bed in Hokkaido would be the option to sleep until soders recovers so he actually has a route and have new and different challenges for that.


Good idea! He was only performed some sort of health check before the implant surgery, right? In the opening cutscene, he was on a wheelchair. Would be fun to dress like a doctor and take him to see the view on a cliff…

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I’ve always thought something similar about Soders.
As for me he’s the borest target I’ve ever seen.
It might be some kind of a different mission, where Soders is on the move, so we have more fun, more possibilities and more action in Hokkaido

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Deewana Ji from Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is practically the same as Soders too though lol

(Having heart surgery and is confined to a bed)


That is a great idea, and really breathe new life into Hokkaido, although unfortunately, I highly doubt anything like this would be implemented. Perhaps Yuki would have to be eliminated first, or as you wake up she is a few seconds away from stepping into her cable car?

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If Soders is a VIP patient, and there are 4 VIP Suites… Do you wonder which suite he’d be using? Probably Jason Portman’s. Say… Why was Yuki there again? Was she tagging along with Soders? She wasn’t having surgery or anything. Now I’m also wondering where all the other patients were staying. Maybe they all had cabins down at the base of the mountain, and they all take the cable-car up to the hospital. Doesn’t seem very practical, imo.

But I could see this. Soders having a path, probably escorted by guards. He’d go back to his suite to rest, probably talk with a Doctor that asks him questions and takes notes (and this could be an opportunity to disguise yourself as said Dr.)

I’m sure it’d be Dexter that would be on the operating table. Probably being poked with that Kronstadt Spider thing, all the while he’s awake and giving snarky quips just like he did when he was lumbering about in the facility.

This would have been cool, but it’s not there and I don’t want them to go back to it. Give us the new levels that we have coming and make them fantastic.

I was surprised back when first playing Hokkaido that Soders isn´t moving around the hospital first before going to the surgery (kinda what Jason Portman is doing), and it is a bit of a shame…

Then again, there´s a more than decent number of fun (and gruesome) ways of killing him, so that makes up for it.

Also, the problem with having Soders moving around is that he would probably have to be a universal enforcer (or at the very least be deceivable only by a mask-wearing disguise), since he can actually recognize 47. From that perspective it makes sense to have him confined to the operating room.

Makes me wonder how killing the Constant and Lucas Grey will work. They know how he looks and his disguise utilization skills… Part of me thinks the constant will be killed by Grey offscreen or in a cutscene and we will kill Grey in a showdown sort of finale like the ending of Silent Assassin.


Haha, yeah, I was actually thinking the same thing when writing my previous post :grin:
Having a showdown would make sense, at least as one of the options (more in the way like in Amendment XXV with Parchezzi), but then again, it wouldn´t really fit the ultra-sandbox nature of the games, so I wonder…
The ´universal enforcer´ approach would probably work too…

That sounds very early development Absolution-y so they probably won’t do it

Im failing to draw the comparison but if you elaborate a little I might see your point.

In Absolution originally all targets in the story were killed in cutscenes. After the negative reception to the game they went back and added those targets back in to the main levels

True but I still think betrayal is in the cards for Lucas Grey and something tells me they have been working together this whole time. I hope you are right and the Constant is killed in a mission but I still dont think it would be 47 perpetrating the act. Maybe a mission where we play as Grey?

I think it’ll be:

Missions 1-3 - The Partners

Mission 4 - Protect Diana, eliminate a Grey assassin

Mission 5 - Olivia and the Constant

Mission 6 - Grey

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I came here to see a wide Erich Soders walking and I must say I’m really disappointed now.