Solve The Mystery--Game


I thought up a game all members can play here in the forum. Any riddle or murder mystery type “puzzle” games. Where each member comes up with a riddle/puzzle and other members have to guess an answer. To be absolutely clear on what I mean, here is a great example of the type of games I had in mind…

A man was murdered in his office. The suspects are Gerry, Julie, Jason, Nick and Sophie. The numbers 6, 4, 9, 10, 11 are written on the calendar with blood… Who is the killer?

In this case, the answer would be Jason.
If you read the clues, the puzzle was figured out like this…
(Numbers on the calendar)

6 (June) = J
4 (April) = A
9 (September) = S
10 (October) = O
11 (November) = N

The first letter of each month, spells out the suspects name, Jason.


What do you all think about this? I thought maybe we could all come up with some fun riddle/puzzles and share with one another.

If anybody would like to start us of, have at it. Obviously which ever member gets the correct answer or answers, would then come up with their own “Mystery” for others to guess and so on…

Each member gets a limit of 3 guesses

Just an idea I had, hope you guys like it. Have fun!


I remember when Ace Dillinger did something like this on the old forum, where someone would post the circumstances of a murder and not only figure out who did it and why, but how. Great idea. I suck at coming up with mysteries, though, so someone else should have a go.


That sounds cool though. Hopefully we get some good ones soon.


A dentist was killed in a pool. He was drowned, and he had a thin mark around his neck. His clothes were later stolen for unknown reasons. Who was it, and who killed him?

Sorry, I had to.


:scream: Agent 47?


Correct. What about the dead person?

(Shouldn’t be hard haha)


In a party, two friends Mark and Steve ordered single malt whiskey on the rocks. Mark drank 5 of those while Steve was able to drink only 1 in the same time. Steve died as soon as he finished his glass and Mark was feeling normal. It was found that both the drinks were poisoned. How did Mark survive?

EDIT: Crap! Didn’t see @Silverballer made one haha I was going to start us off :sweat_smile:


Hm, a dentist? Have it been a dentist target in any Hitman? I don’t remember.


Fritz Fuchs



Correct, of course. A nice hitman memory check-up (admittedly, not really a puzzle) to start the thread off.


Maybe Mark poision the drinks after he drank the 5 drinks? Why did Steve only have time to drink one? Did he go to the bathroom? And when he was back Mark had finished 5 drink already and was drunk enough to have courage to kill Steve?


Steve’s a lightweight and he fell off the rocks. Lol


Nope, that’s not the correct answer…
(Read carefully)

Mark and Steve both were drinking and never left. However, Steve died and Mark didn’t. Eventhough the drinks were poisoned…

How? :wink:


Depends. Were the drinks cooled with ice?


The drinks were on the rocks yes… Getting closer.


Aha! The poison was in the ice cubes? And Mark drank so fast that the ice cubes didn’t have time to melt.




Well. I would get that of the bat, if I was fluent enough with English to know what “on the rocks” mean, since I already heard that one.


Haha apologies :sweat_smile:

You’re up @ingrobny nice!


Without your question and the hint from @AGENT4T7 i would have hard time figuring this out :flushed:.