Solve The Mystery--Game


I believe he’d need to do it from inside.


I believe that as well and that’s correct :smiley:.


It’s proved that Mr. Fiend was lying. But, why was he arrested for the murder of Mr. Teddy? He could have been an accomplice for all we know.


Then he’s a very good accomplice, taking a blame for real murderer.


How about this one? No guessing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Three Spies

Three spies, suspected as double agents, speak as follows when questioned:

Albert: “Bertie is a mole.”
Bertie: “Cedric is a mole.”
Cedric: “Bertie is lying.”

Assuming that moles lie, other agents tell the truth, and there is just one mole among the three, who is the mole?


I would assume B because if A or C were to be lying then the propositions of their arguments would not be conclusive.


That’s correct! :smiley:, well done to both of you.

Bertie is the mole. Both Albert and Cedric are telling the truth.

When Albert said, “Bertie is a mole,” he was telling the truth, and giving the correct answer. When Bertie said, “Cedric is a mole,” he was lying, as he himself is a lying mole. When Cedric responded, “Bertie is lying,” he was telling the truth, and also affirming that Bertie was lying.


If A is lying then B tells truth and C is lying: 2 moles.
If B is lying then A and C tells truth: 1 mole
If C is lying then B tells truth, so A is lying:2 moles.

Since there is only 1 mole, B is mole.


Ben and Mark are students of Mr Tan. Mr Tan’s date of birth is on D/M/1970 and both of them know that Mr Tan’s birthday is one of these 10 dates:

4/3/1970 5/3/1970 8/3/1970
4/6/1970 7/6/1970
1/9/1970 5/9/1970
1/12/1970 2/12/1970 8/12/1970
Mr Tan tells Ben the value of M and tells Mark the value of D. Then Mr Tan asks them: “Do you know when my birthday is?”

Ben says: “I don’t know, but I can be sure that Mark doesn’t know either.”
Mark says: “Initially I don’t know, but now I do.”
Ben says: “Oh, then now I know it too.”

Based on this dialogue and the dates given, can you figure out which is the correct date of Mr Tan’s birthday? Explain your conclusion so the result is valid.


Mark learned it after Ben said he’s sure Mark doesn’t know, so it must be M, whose all Ds appear in multiple dates. Value of D:
1 is in 1/9 and 1/12
2 is in 2/12
4 is in 4/3 and 4/6
5 is in 5/3 and 5/9
7 is in 7/6
8 is in 8/3 and 8/12
Out of these D=2 and D=7 are out of question, thus
M=6 (7/6) and M=12 (2/12) are out of question, thus
1/12 4/6 8/12 are out of question.
Remaining dates are:
1/9, 4/3, 5/3, 5/9 and 8/3.
Since at this point Mark learned the answer it cannot be 5/3 or 5/9, leaving us with:
1/9, 4/3 and 8/3.
Since at this point Ben learned the answer it cannot be 4/3 or 8/3, leaving us with 1/9/1970.


This seems to be getting more complex each time I check.




Really? Looks like basic math problem to me.


I think he’s talking about this topic in general. :slight_smile:


But if last question is basic, then, unless previous questions are basic too, problems got less complex.


Perfect answer and explaination.


A bottle and a cork together cost $1.10. The bottle costs $1.00 more than the cork. How much does the cork cost?

I really ran out of heavy riddles.


Hahaha, don’t worry, this one is heavy enough for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.



Cork costs $0.05.


You are right. I’ll try looking for another. If I run of of any interesting one entierly, i’ll just look for proper math problems.