Solve The Mystery--Game


It gets better and better kappa


I have one for you guys :smiley:.

Karamchand , A well known consulting detective is currently working on an international case where oil is illegally sold.

While inspecting he finds a note under a shelf : 710 57735 34 5508 51 7718

Currently there are 3 suspects: Rooney Bill and Owen.

He breaks the code and found the suspect. can you ?


“Bill is boss, he sells oil” Classic turned around calculator.

Just a heads up: when I dropped out of school I’ve already learned integrals.


That’s correct and yes it is classic :smiley:.


Don’t have any math riddles but here’s a quick fix.

You are sentenced to death. You may choose three rooms. One is as hot as the sun. One is full of assassins with loaded guns. the last one is full of tigers that haven’t eaten in three years. Which one do you choose to survive?


I would choose the tigers, because i think the tigers would be dead if they didn’t eat any food in 3 years :flushed:.


That’s exactly right. :wink:


Note that this one has already been published :sweat_smile:


Whoops! :sweat_smile: I’ll try to make sure the next one is new.


I have a riddle for thou minds of wisdom…

If Cell 3 holds worthless brass, Cell 2 holds the golden key.
If Cell 1 holds the golden key, Cell 3 holds worthless brass.
If Cell 2 holds worthless brass, Cell 1 holds the golden key.

Knowing this, brave solvers, and knowing that all that is said cannot be true, which cell contains the golden key?


Here we go again…
A If 1 has G, then 3 has B, thus 2 has G.
B If 2 has B, then 1 has G, thus 3 has B, thus 2 has G.
C If 3 has B, then 2 has G and 1 can be true, if it has G.

We learn what’s in 3 rooms in A and B.
In A there’ll be one G and we keep knowledge of contents of all rooms, if 1st statement is false.
In B there’ll be one G, we keep knowledge of contents of all rooms and contradiction is removed, if 1st statement is false.
If 1st statement is false then:
1 has G, 2 has B and 3 has B.
Gold key is in Cell 1.


An excellent try, but sadly incorrect.


Fine, then let’s do ~(X->Y)=~Y->~X. We’ll get 2B->3G->1B->2G instead, which under same logic would make door 3 correct one. If we assume previous one is also correct under these circumstances and that there is only one key, then there is no key in both 1 and 3, leaving us with 2.


The golden key was indeed in Cell 2. Thou art correct.

Thou has earned the first piece to the Staff of Chaos.


I can do one more for tonight but this might be tough.

If you take away my first letter, I sound the same.

If you take away my last letter, I still sound the same.

Even if you take away my middle letter, I will still sound the same.

I am a five letter long word. What is the word?


AAAAA (as in shouting)? :smiley:


I’ll assume it starts with a K and then it’s followed up by a consonant? That way the K would be mute. And I bet it ends in a vocal so it is also muted.




Good guess but wrong. @Supernova It doesn’t begin with K but the first letter is indeed silent.


Why is it wrong? Doesn’t it meet the requirements?