Solve The Mystery--Game


Neither; there can’t be eggs without chickens and there can’t be chickens without eggs (unless you’re doing some Chernobyl experiments).


He he. However, surprisingly, there’s an answer to the question. :wink:


I’m going to let someone else answer this.


Two birds that were not chickens made a chicken egg, so the egg came first and hatched into a chicken.


The answer is indeed eggs. It’s arrived at easily once you consider that the “eggs” referred to in the puzzle do not refer to chicken eggs.

Your turn.


A old man has died. In his will, he states that his inheritance will go to the son who owns the slower horse. So both sons have a race but each are holding their horses back hoping to be the slower one but it gets them nowhere, so they approach a wise man for advice. Afterwards they race again, this time at full speed. What did the wise man tell them?


“Let’s swap the horse”
I believe he said something like that.


That’s pretty much right.


Can someone take my turn, please.


One man tried to kill a wheelchair guy during ave maria song found himself to be engaged in a conspiracy plot staged by a man who sent him messages through notebook and who wanted to kill him by another killing machine.


Why do people dont believe that codename 47 was about only one villain who gave orders to brainwashed 47 through laptop but they cant find parallel with the movie Assassins?!


Let’s bring this thread back in action.

Brothers and sisters I have none but this man’s father is my father’s son.
Who is the man?



Can’t tell if you’re stomped by the riddle or the fact that I bumped this thread.


Lol the riddle haha I was just being dumb, as it sounds a bit… taboo :joy: (Hence the hillbilly gif lol)

Reading it, it reminded me of the NPC dialogue from GTA||| “My mothers my sister” :joy:


Oh, it’s nothing like that .:smile: PG 13 only.


Haha I know :laughing:
well… I’m stumped! no idea what it could be. Perhaps somebody else knows…


His stepson is the only thing I could think of


Close but not quite right.


His son.