SOLVED: Chameleon - Missing one disguise

I just can’t finish the Chameleon challenge in Sapienza, there’s always one disguise missing (24/25)
Of all the uncommon disguises I’ve worn:
Mario and Luigi (red and green worker), priest, church staff, Hippy guy in the tower, Harlequin on the beach, Witch doctor, Butler…
I’ve finished all the challenges except that one so I’ve used all challenge-specific disguises also (like floweriest, psychiatrist, detective…etc).

Help me out, what could be the disguise that I’m missing?

There’s the disguise Rocco (would) use. That’s ‘Kitchen Staff’, but perhaps it’s the disguise for the head cook that you might need. 'Just a suggestion.

eta: Or maybe the hair stylist?

Cyclist ?
Store clerk ?

Without knowing all of the disguises you’ve found, it makes it hard to know the one you’re missing. Try following the link below.

Edit: I had a problem with this challenge until I found the Sanguine Stylist disguise. The stylist is in the shop to the right at the bottom of the main path. That might be the one you’re looking for; it’s completely unrelated to anything in the location.

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(I don’t know the list of all the disguises I’ve used so far and don’t know how to check it out)
That must be the stylist! Thank you, I wasn’t aware there’s any in the mission.

Rocco is probably one of the first masks (challenge)
However, the stylist is the first time I heard of any. Must be it, thanks.

That was it, I’ve completed it. I saw him before (when the detective challenge was revealing), but I totally forgot about him. Thank y’all.

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The Sapienza stylist shop is so elaborate with multiple entry/exits.
They must have planned something there which did not happen.
A challenge, an ET etc.


Sivilo was originally supposed to walk around town or at least visit certain locations like the graveyard. Maybe there was an oppertuntiy involving him and the store?

Huh… There is no Witch Doctor?

Edit: Oh, the Plague Doctor

BTW, Now I have the same problem with the “Author” mission in Sapienza :slight_smile:
Is there some uncommon disguises that I have missed (I’ve disguised as both targets and the guy in white robe)?

There’s a lone cleaner in the Sanguine store whose outfit can be taken.

Inside the clock tower building are a few more NPCs with unique disguise: The Hippie/Bohemian in his apartment, the lawyer in his office and the Mansion chef (different disguise than the kitchen staff) in the ice cream parlor.

Last but not least Mario and Luigi can be found inside the sewer, but you probably already stumbled upon them when you nabed the guy in the white robe.

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Thanks. I think I didn’t use the lawyer suit (I used it, but don’t remember was it also here or just in Landslide mission).
I used the other disguises that you mentioned.