[SOLVED] Sniper Assassin. Bugged?

Is Sniper Assassin bugged here (master)?

I start in the office with the Seiger 300 Ghost in the briefcase. Disable the cameras, grab the USB and get the Intel, sneak out to the grass patch, pop her through the window, and escape. It should be the easiest Sniper Assassin challenge in the whole game but it won’t unlock.

You shouldn’t be spotted. During the whole mission.
Maybe the target sees you before death or somebody sees you commiting a crime or on the way to exit.

Try again and make sure you’re completely safe and unspotted

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Yeah, I never got spotted. Silent assassin tracker stayed green until the body was found, and that was only 15 seconds before I got to the exit.

Try to avoid detection of the body, staying green from start to very finish.
And make sure the target doesn’t sees you killing her

I got it. First I knocked it down to Professional and it worked fine for that challenge. (I do all the classics on Master first go so I don’t have to do them multiple times and figure out a new route with added security measures.) Tried it again on Master and it still didn’t unlock. I then changed my starting location from the office to the boat and did everything else the same, it worked fine. Seems like Master difficulty didn’t want to give up the challenge using the starting location inside the house :man_shrugging:t3:.

Maybe so. Maybe because it would’ve been too easy.
But I agree here, they must’ve warned a player somehow that starting location matter.

As far as I understood, your problem solved. Good to know.

Thank you for your report, now we will know the way to solve similar problem.
I sincerely hope that this kind of way will solve a challenge and not point out on a regular bug

I don’t know why starting location would matter, especially on this map, getting into the office isn’t difficult at all with nobody on the map, it just takes forever to run across the beach. Anyway, problem solved.

Who knows why, but appears it does matter.
I suppose nobody before faced this thing, at least nobody among forum members, so I’m glad you guessed it yourself and shared it with us.
Thank you again