Solving 47's crimes

Hello there
As a fellow Hitman fan, I have been playing (and replaying) all the Hitman games for years now. I now am discovering the 3rd one and I am pleasantly surprised with the turn of the Dartmoor mission. While it may be strange to be put both in the positions of the detective and the assassin, this mission made me realize that Hitman games had everything setup for great investigation games:

  • Atmosphere
  • Back story
  • Crime Modus Operandi

Also I just thought of something I’m sure a lot of us Hitman fan would enjoy doing:
What about an investigation game (L.A. Noire or Sherlock Holmes style) that retraces all of 47’s missions since the first games ?
The goal would be to find the murder weapon, hidden bodies, recovering CCTV etc…
I think it would be extremely entertaining to be once put on the other side of the mirror, and find how 47 did his crimes.

Just an idea I’m throwing like this, hoping some of you might find it as entertaining as I do.



Nice try agent Falkner. We’re not giving up 47’s secrets. :laughing:

j/k and welcome to the forum. :grinning:

Well, given that 47’s contracts (or “crimes”) should be untraceable… I dunno. Maybe it doesn’t have to be 47 - but another contract killer. And you’d find a string of seemingly unrelated persons that died in various ways, and at some point you uncover some obscure relation between them, and it leading to either the hit(person), or the person/organization that put the ‘hits’ out on said targets/“victims”.

Could be intersting. :+1:


In that case the main character could still be 47, trying to trace whoever is after him.
But the fun part with going through the same missions but as a detective is also the nostalgia of it. I think lots of us would love to replay missions from Contracts or Blood Money.