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@ Moderator:

Been a loyal player and paying customer since the very first title “Hitman: Codename 47”. Just wanted to give some feedback and vent my frustration a bit in the bug tracker thread, but no, got this:

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Guys, seriously, is that the way to treat loyal fans, long time customers who, trying to support the company, deliberately always paid the full price for every game/expansion? Seriously?
Not nice :frowning:

My little rant then (@Moderator: please move this to an appropriate subforum as you see fit):

Already mentioned that I’m a loyal player and customer since the first game. My two particular points this post is about:

As much as I welcome new content, I strongly prefer fixing critical bugs (e.g. the Hold my Hair bug) over new content. What good is new content if the fundamentals are bugged?

Just watched the IOI Monthly - Episode #6, was hoping for any information/ETA regarding a time for bug fixes. Nope, just a “we’re aware of the bug and working on it”, that’s all. Not helpful.

Again: please prioritize bug fixing over new content.

End of rant :slight_smile:

How about doing what this message saying?

It’s not about that. It’s about independent forum mechanism which works this way.
Be more active on here and you’ll be allowed a lot more to do. As simple as that


Already did that in the past, result: post gets lost, plus would contain a total unrelated reply. Not useful at all, imo.

I’m aware of that, which doesn’t change the fact that it doesn’t make much sense to me at all.
Just creating posts with some blablah to simply increase the number of posts to get rid of that restriction is, imo, pretty stupid.

At any rate, my post wasn’t about the forum and its rules, but about prioritizing bug fixing about new content, I hope this message reaches the devs.

If you posted your issue in special dedicated bug report thread your post won’t get lost.
The developers are watching closely to that topic and if you posted something there, it most definitely was seen by responsible people from the company.
It’s just takes time to investigate a problem, to maintain a fix, to release that fix and to make sure that this fix won’t affect and break bunch of other stuff.
Bugfixing is not as simple thing as to drink a water or type some message.
It takes loads more efforts. Plus developers has a priority list. Some things more important than others and some things just being worked on at the moment… And so on, and so on.
You not only one who has complaints and issues about the game. But the developers aren’t from Hogwarts and can’t do magic…

Forum is abut communication. So just join this communication and you’ll be ok

This has been done to try to stopp trolls from flooding a topic with troll posts, sadly this will affect all new users.

This is a private owned forum, it’s not owned or run by IO-I.

Why? I can understand why IO-I have chosen this forum, it’s been here for ages and it is a pretty awesome community.

But with @Urben @Mads47 and @cake941 as new moderators, maybe @Jarbinger could remove the only 3 replies in 1 thread rule now? Just a question and possible a discussion about the subject :smiley:.

That’s bad by the way

EDIT: maybe I should have started with this.
Thanks for putting this in

…and you think I’m not aware of it, if I understand you correctly?

With all due respect, and no offense: but that is a) not what my post was about, b) not helpful.
I’m working myself in IT, knowing a bit about how the cogs are working, the questions here is about setting priorities, not commonplace.

And no, again, this is not about offending you, I’m sure you’re well meaning, and I appreciate that. But your reply simply misses the point, in my opinion.

I’m just trying to explain how this thing works


OK, I wasn’t aware of this, thank you :slight_smile:


Hi @Nepomuk , please note during the separation from Square Enix and in the final phases of HITMAN 2 development IOI lost almost half its workforce.

Today the situation is quite different with IOI now having a studio in Denmark as well as one in Malmo.

However, HITMAN 2 is a massive game in terms of system depth and therefore we cannot expect fixes overnight. Those of us who have been around know that IOI eventually fix things. It just takes longer.

We also know they are honest with the fanbase. If they say they are aware of a specific issue and they are working on it then that is the truth.

Follow up is OK. But no need to get mad. As for loyal Hitman fans you will find a lot of us are loyal.

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Hitmanforum is not owned by IO Interactive - it is, rather, owned by another loyal fan since Codename 47.

Though as @ingrobny pointed out I’ve just appointed some more mods, who are also loyal fans of the game (but probably not as old as me). Due to this, and the reduction in people creating accounts to troll or just post abuse at IO-Interactive - I have decided to relax the standards so that members will more quickly pass into early trust levels and hence be less limited early on.

Thank you for your feedback and helping to make the forum a better place.


I’m not mad at all, just frustrated, that’s all. The reason for my post was to let IOI know this fact, not to bark the wrong tree, if I did, that wasn’t my intention and I beg your pardon.

Again, my apologies, I wasn’t aware of this. What mislead me was the forum’s title " Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread", this “official” meant for me that this is official IOI forum for reporting bugs.

Thank you. :slight_smile:
Another game forum where I’m pretty active has the rule that the first five posts needs to be approved by a moderator, after that, no more restrictions. I think that’s a good compromise.

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@Jarbinger As I’m not familiar yet with the (un)written forum rules yet, what would be the correct place for suggestions to the devs?

I guess this thread will do


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I have a question, I don’t know where to ask. for some time now, there is no access to the from the territory of Russia. Site no listings prohibited by Russian authorities. So this is your own decision and is it related to the GDPR?

I suppose @Jarbinger is the one to answer but Russia is nothing to do with EU law, which is where GDPR originates. Maybe Mr Putin finds this forum offensive in some way.

We have Russian users who seem to have no trouble with the forum. It might be only limited to your ISP.

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well, yeah, but the conspiracy theory option is more fun :grinning:


more seriously this was reported a while ago now I think about it

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