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OK, I wasn’t aware of this, thank you :slight_smile:


Hi @Nepomuk , please note during the separation from Square Enix and in the final phases of HITMAN 2 development IOI lost almost half its workforce.

Today the situation is quite different with IOI now having a studio in Denmark as well as one in Malmo.

However, HITMAN 2 is a massive game in terms of system depth and therefore we cannot expect fixes overnight. Those of us who have been around know that IOI eventually fix things. It just takes longer.

We also know they are honest with the fanbase. If they say they are aware of a specific issue and they are working on it then that is the truth.

Follow up is OK. But no need to get mad. As for loyal Hitman fans you will find a lot of us are loyal.

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Hitmanforum is not owned by IO Interactive - it is, rather, owned by another loyal fan since Codename 47.

Though as @ingrobny pointed out I’ve just appointed some more mods, who are also loyal fans of the game (but probably not as old as me). Due to this, and the reduction in people creating accounts to troll or just post abuse at IO-Interactive - I have decided to relax the standards so that members will more quickly pass into early trust levels and hence be less limited early on.

Thank you for your feedback and helping to make the forum a better place.


I’m not mad at all, just frustrated, that’s all. The reason for my post was to let IOI know this fact, not to bark the wrong tree, if I did, that wasn’t my intention and I beg your pardon.

Again, my apologies, I wasn’t aware of this. What mislead me was the forum’s title " Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread", this “official” meant for me that this is official IOI forum for reporting bugs.

Thank you. :slight_smile:
Another game forum where I’m pretty active has the rule that the first five posts needs to be approved by a moderator, after that, no more restrictions. I think that’s a good compromise.

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@Jarbinger As I’m not familiar yet with the (un)written forum rules yet, what would be the correct place for suggestions to the devs?

I guess this thread will do


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I have a question, I don’t know where to ask. for some time now, there is no access to the from the territory of Russia. Site no listings prohibited by Russian authorities. So this is your own decision and is it related to the GDPR?

I suppose @Jarbinger is the one to answer but Russia is nothing to do with EU law, which is where GDPR originates. Maybe Mr Putin finds this forum offensive in some way.

We have Russian users who seem to have no trouble with the forum. It might be only limited to your ISP.

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well, yeah, but the conspiracy theory option is more fun :grinning:


more seriously this was reported a while ago now I think about it

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Hitmanforum is GDPR compliant so there should be no issue there.

There are possibly some Russian IPs or IP ranges that might be blocked due to individuals - if you want to PM me the IP I can look into it.

Alternatively your ISP may simply have blocks for words like “hitman” in the url/title, or maybe they saw one of the members say something not nice about Putin (or that weird Russian spam that was about hiring real assassins/hitmen)

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WHAT? Putin would never silence criticism of himself!

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I think this is more about the protectionism of the inland hitman industry in Russia.



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FSB Director: “…So as you can see Mr. President… there are no secrets that can be kept from our eyes…”

Putin: “Is that true, Mr. Director?”

FSB Director: “… I am… positive.”

Putin: (to assistant) “Give me the tape recorder.”

Assistant places a tape recorder on the table. Putin presses Play.

Putin: “Listen carefully.”

Putin presses Stop.

Putin: “Who was Kamarov?”

FSB Director: “… Excuse me, sir?”

Putin: “You have no answers? Well the good news, Mr. Director is I have all the answers. There are entire trails of these communications. They congregate on a site called The Hitman Forum.”

FSB Director: “That is ridiculous! Why would they use such an obvious name! It’s stupid!”

Putin: “You fool! That is exactly what they want you to think!”

FSB Director: “But… according to these logs they report through some network with command in Denmark. What is HITMAN 2? If this many hitmen were making moves how could we not have known about a HITMAN 1 project? And there is no way they could have known about Kamarov…”

Putin: “Oh so now you know who was Kamarov?”

FSB Director: “Well… it cannot be that Kamarov that you speak of… no one … no one could have known about him. I spoke to him only yesterday. There is no way these … assassins from Denmark could know anything!”

Putin: “Are you really this amateurish? Or are you making a special effort today?”

FSB Director: “… Sir?”

Putin: “Do you really think this Hitman 2 group is really situated in Denmark or composed of elements belonging to that country? While you have been sitting in your comfy chair congratulating yourself, I have been doing the real work… or have you forgotten I was in this game long before I promoted you.”

FSB Director: “… So they are not from Denmark?”

Putin: “These hitmen are from different parts of the world… Germany, the Netherlands, Mexico, China, Japan…even the Philippines! This one from Argentina and a few others have been gloating about their efficiency. They are somehow able to kill targets in only 47 seconds from sight. The number 47 is very significant to this group. It must be a code of some kind…And these other ones… these are Russians. Russian professionals joining a global pool of assassins that are not under our command! Your operation is a leaking bucket, Mr. Director.”

FSB Director: “This is serious! We must block all these Hitman sites! We must secure our borders! We will uncover the secret of 47!”

Putin: “I will leave you to prepare.”



you just suppose or you site manager? if not then there is nothing to answer. I hope you stop dreaming at night about Mr. Putin

EU is nothing to do with Russia law