Some of these challenges are ridiculous in the Isle of Sgail


So, recently I have been trying to get the one challenge where you have to kill 25 elite guards while disguised as the knight. This challenge is basically a kill everyone challenge since some elite guards are across the map. I have been doing this for literally over an hour and a half, and yet there are still guards on this map. The worst part is that there are still some elite guards on the map that I have yet found. I still have to do other challenges like dumping 47 NPCs into the ocean, which is yet another kill everyone challenge. I also saw another challenge where you have to dump both targets from the penthouse, but the problem with this is that Zoe Washington never comes up near the penthouse, so I have to eliminate every guard in the building where the penthouse is just to drag her body to the penthouse. Why did IOI think these challenges were fair? I just feel some of these challenges are asking a lot of time, patience, and frustration from me. Point is what do you guys think of this?


I did the ‘Making Waves’ challenge the other day, couldn’t get the challenge for being disguised as knight and use sword on 25 elite guards since I wasn’t sure if that many were available (like, did I dump some of them into the ocean and/or stuff them in boxes?) It was taking so long that I saved and quit the game because I didn’t like how hot my PC was getting. :confused:


you dont need to use a sword. You can kill them anyway you want. There are exactly 25 elite guards.


Grindy for sure, but tests your shooter skills.

RIP for anyone not on PC


You also need to kill everyone for 7 minutes in heaven since Blake never goes to that room


These challenges are garbage. Avoid wasting your time on them.


They’re not undoable. Just use saves and try to combine them.

They’re not fun though, and probably part of why I hate this map


So I guess I can attempt it using the Concept 5 auto pistol while wearing the Suit of Armor and recreate this?



A month or 2 back, Absolution was brought up in a CJ livestream, and I posted a comment in chat; “Even RDR2 has pointshooting, ffs!”

And to that video I’d say; “Even Robocop has pointshooting, ffs!” :laughing:


I generally agree with this thread.

A lot of the challenges are uninspired, grindy, and generally not particularly fun to do.

Which is odd because I’m sure we as the community could come up with a bunch of better challenges without too much effort.


Yeah…Especially for Sgail. Even the stuff that’s remotely connected to a sense of challenge like spooking Sophia Washington as Janus is not only difficult, it’s not even remotely rewarding.

It’s not like there’s a Mission Story tied to it.

Usually you go through the Challenges screen to see something you missed. The Miami Challenges are mostly intriguing like there’s one for you to poison Sierra as the doctor right beside another challenge to make the doctor poison Sierra…Sweet Victory, etc.

Sgail has lacklustre ones by comparison


Honestly sgail as a map feels really well done but the challenges seem so rushed


Regarding the spooking Sophia as Janus challenge, how easy would it have been to link it to a kill.

You set up a situation after the funeral where Sophia is near a cliff edge or something…then spook her as Janus causing her to fall, or causing a lockdown, or causing her to run to an isolated location.

Or maybe, you’ve made it so she’s has a heart defect and has to take pills when her heart rate gets too high.
So you sneak into her room, swipe the pills, scare her as Janus, she goes to take her pills, finds they aren’t there…drops dead.
Challenge - ‘Scared Stiff’ or ‘Broken Hearted’.

This is off the top of my head.


I initially thought one of the Janus opportunities would be like you get up and you can scold the Washington sisters…and cause a mass panic…

“It’s a ghost! Run for your lives!” lol


There’s an easter egg in Sgail when you kill everyone, litteraly.

I don’t understand why IOI support this kind of behavior from the players… :pensive:


I don’t mind a challenge on a map where killing a couple of dozen people in a shoot out is necessary to complete it.

But Sgail has about 5 challenges where it seems the only way to complete it, is by shoot out. And it seems either lazy or a lack of good ideas.
The fact that numerous other maps have a good mix of challenges that are original and intelligent makes me thinks it’s laziness.

Actually laziness isn’t fair, I’ll take that back, it very well could be a deadline thing and they simply ran out of time.


The Initiate Tokens hunting challenge was nice though. :slight_smile: sort of… You only need 10 to earn membership and can get 30 for the full challenge…

The map seems to have more than 30 though.


Well I did I am pretty sure it was on another thread about this games challenges.


While it’s true Sgail challenges didn’t come out very good, I have to add that it’s always going to be a lot easier coming up with ideas as a fan on the outside.

For one we’re not ground out from working on nothing but HITMAN for years. You might think you’d love a job rotating around HITMAN but any job is tiring.

In addition we don’t know what kinds of constraints and deadlines occurred and we as fans have the luxury of ruminating on how the content looks and plays to then think of ideas. This is very different to having to think about some stuff without knowing exactly how the mission turns out.

But yes. There can be better challenges for this map. And indeed some of the fan ideas are better than the ones in there.


These kill everyone challenges are bullsquirt! Not to mention if you kill too many NPCs, the fps would drop horribly!