Some of these challenges are ridiculous in the Isle of Sgail


Interesting. Does the Kinght armor enhance your health?


Not true, I did this one SA by knocking out everyone between the point Blake is closest to that room and the room itself. Took many hours of trial and error, and some save scumming, but it is doable.


Don’t quote me on this, but I think it does a little bit because when doing this stupid challenge where I have to kill 25 elite guards I feel more invincible to guards with a shotgun since it feels like it takes more time for guards to kill me. The knight amour is cool, but I wish the challenges with the knight Armour were more creative and less grindy.


One thing that did come up to me when playing this challenge is that maybe you have to do it in master mode just so there is more elite guards on the map. If this is the case then I’m probably not going to get this challenge anymore. Like I said I sat there doing the exact same challenge for almost 2 hours, but still haven’t got it. I mean who knows maybe there is 25 elite guards on the map somewhere.


I think there are 25 elite guards, but probably exactly 25. I did the challenge 3 times now and every time got stuck on 24/25.
The idea behind this particular challenge is okay because it is something fresh, it just takes too long because it is 25 targets wtih at least 30 nontarget guards you have to kill in the process of finding all elite guards aswell.

I have more problems with stupid chores like

  • drag all 3 targets to the Hippo and throw them over the ledge in Satna Fortuna
  • drag the Washingtons to the penthouse and throw them over the ledge

Neither Zoe Washington nor Jose or Andrea go even remotely close to the required place. This is an anti-challenge.


Easy way to complete dump 47 bodies in season is to stand on morgue side of the glass bridge and kill the guards as they pop up on the bridge.
Dumping them from bridge is easy.


Alright, so ko everyone rather than kill everytone… same shit tbh. To me it seems like the challenges were made with other npc routes in mind. They might have wanted a way to bring blake to the room and the girls to the tower together and then ended up not doing that while keeping the challenges. Probably because of a tight deadline


Oh no I agree, it’s an awful challenge, no doubt about that. The 47 bodies in the sea was worse imo. That one can eff right off.


My advice is to do all three of those challges in the same run. That’s what I did. I also did the box opening challenge on that run too.

Added later: and do it on easy mode


I got stuck at 24 twice and then realised there was 1 unconscious guard I forgot about (I needed his clothes to get into the penthouse).


Yeah its unfortunate. Sigail is my favorite concept yet they dropped the ball a little bit accross the entire level. not to say it was bad, just did not reach its potential in anyway


I’m surprised by the reaction of these on here. I’m a SA type of player, but what’s wrong with having “kill all” type of challenges? Nearly ALL of the challenges in this game have in some relation to playing the game SA, why not cater to and give challenges to these other types of players which are also a totally legitimate way of playing this game?

Also, Isle is a castle, there was going to be a knight’s disguise. Put yourself in IOI’s shoes, how could you NOT do those type of challenges with that disguise?


That’s what I tried, but it didn’t count to my total for some reason


I played on Professional today and ended up doing a ‘Kill All’. I did eventually get the one for the 25 Elite guards (obviously). :confused:

And, as someone mentioned here already, there is an easter egg. So a true ‘Kill All’ challenge might not be possible. At that point, I didn’t care to even try anymore.

I will say this - the game actually didn’t crash, but stayed at/around a sputtery 28 (or 38?) fps by the time I had to escort the Constant out of the level.


I swear I looked all around the map, and could not find 25 elite guards on professional. I looked for literally 3 hours. Idk maybe there was one area I didn’t look.


Nothing is worse than the the None Shall Pass challenge.

There’s a special place in hell for the person that came up with that one.


I just did that one while I was attempting to kill 25 elite guards. The None Shall Pass challenge reminds me of the challenge back in Colorado called “No Birds Here”. The challenge had the same premise of the None Shall Pass challenge. You had to dress up as the scare crow, and blend in with 6 of the scare crow crosses. They are both very frustrating.


At least with the scarecrow one you could still perform the action while in Compromised status. None Shall Pass requires you to be completely unseen, or kill those that do see you.


I think one thing that frustrates me while disguised as the knight is that once you want to exit the penthouse building it’s basically impossible to stay hidden since there is like a million people in the architects lounge. Knocking all those people out just to head to the next area is ridiculous. While it makes sense that you can’t perform any building climbing while disguised as the knight it definitely limits your options.