Some suggestions for easier Challenge tracking

I am enjoying playing hitman two so much that I like to complete all the challenges, and I think there are two challenges that could be made easier to keep track of with some changes.

  1. Hero of Santa Fortuna (HOSF)
    God, I did not enjoy this one. Maybe had I only had to do this once it would have been palatable, but it took me four attempts, and each attempt usually took around 40-60 minutes an attempt. Why I kept on failing to get this one is that I did not know I had to wait out the whole tattoo session. This confusion would not have occurred if it had a progress tracker like the other feats do. Adding one would clear up a lot of confusion. Honestly, if you could add in checkmarks to tasks for HOSF that have been accomplished that would be nice too but getting at least a tracker would be ideal.

  2. Chameleon (for all maps)
    I think it would be neat for the challenge to list all the disguises you have worn in the map. The disguises you have not worn yet would have question marks in the line they would go. I mean yes I already look up the list when I am trying to finish it, but it would be nice to have a list to cross-reference with