Something That Has Me Concerned


I was watching a new interview about Hitman 2 with David Bateson, and at one point in the interview, he says that supposedly if I understand him correctly, 47 talks more in this game. He said that even he was against it at first, but they explained that when you play the game you’ll get it. But how does this make you all feel? I have to agree with what Bateson said, which was something along the lines of, 47 has always been this quiet mysterious professional assassin, and he thought the fact that he typically doesn’t talk much makes him cooler. I totally agree with that 100%
So, I am concerned about this. I hope this doesn’t end up being like the original Hitman 2 Silent Assassin where, in my opinion, 47 was the most talkative, and perhaps even emotional, which just doesn’t work for 47, in my opinion. What are your thoughts?


Most likely only refers to interactions with NPCs being a bit more rich in dialogue and probably in the cutscenes after the missions.


It’s kind of weird that Bateson would complain about this of all people, as 47 talking is his bread and butter, but I fully agree.
47 should always be the strong silent type, slightly awkward in social interactions and not prone to expansive monologues.


I think 47 talking more than he did in Hitman 2016 is a positive thing, given that he barely had anything to say in that game. Hitman 2 has a little more emphasis on narrative, the story is likely to take a more dramatic turn and as such it seems reasonable to assume 47 will be a little more verbose.

It’s not so much about how often he talks, but rather how he says it.


I’m not really bothered. I skip the cutscenes after the first time, and I don’t imagine that he will be talking much during missions, from what we’ve seen of gameplay so far. Maybe there is more unique dialogue for particular situations but not long monologues.


And you know, what makes this even more confusing to me is the fact that there was guy (I don’t know his name) who did an interview for Hitman 2016, and he said that he doesn’t think 47 should talk much either. Of course, it’s possible he was one of the employees lost after IOI and Square Enix split up. But if not, I just don’t understand why such an important aspect of 47 would be changed.


It made sense in Hitman 2016 when the story wasn’t really about him. Depending on what happens in this new game, he may need to talk more. How much he talks is not really anything to do with him as a character. In fact, more often than not, stony faced silence is a lack of character rather than a character trait.


I think they started with Patient Zero where 47 was talking a lot more especially on the cinematics with Diana.


What a ridiculous thing to say :smiley:
In any case, given 47’s origin story, it makes sense for him not to be a speech-happy extrovert. Not to mention his job which requires a fair bit of discretion that rubs off in non professional interactions, surely.


When a stoic man speaks, they will listen. When a verbose man speaks, they will yawn.


Exactly, thank you! 47 was created to have no emotion, and so that is all the more reason for him to not speak as much in my opinion.


Yes, this is so true.


I noticed that from watching the Columbia mission.

I’m a fan of the less is more, like the airport scene in the first season.

Wonder if we are in for one liners or puns


I don’t mind either way, 47 is 47 to me.

He’s badass regardless.


The 48s were created to have no emotion - Not the case for 47. He’s not a Terminator.


I personally hope this means that 47 will give appropriately evasive answers when NPCs address him when he’s disguised. Even something very simple, eg:

NPC: “You there! You have to help me! There’s a body!”

GUARD 47: “Yes, Ma’am, right away. The situation is under control.”

If Rocco’s sister can be given more dialogue, something like this would make sense. Otherwise NPCs afterwards would be remembering that weird silent guard, chef or groundskeeper! It would help with immersion.


Agreed. As far as puns go, there is one in the Miami mission if you wear the flamingo suit when you meet with Sierra Knox and kick her down the shaft, before she arrives, you can sit with a guy that asks about your suit, and 47 cracks a pun in a deadpan manner, which I thought was nice, if a bit out of character. I say that because you wouldn’t think 47 would have a sense of humor, but I’m ok with it because it’s subtle enough.


My mistake, but 47 is definitely not emotional. He may not be truly emotionless, but as evidenced over the course of the games and his origin story, he chooses not to develop emotional connections with anyone, and therefore he displays an ‘emotionless’ appearance/personality.


Something I forgot to mention is, I’m not entirely unhappy about this because I’ve always loved David Bateson’s work as 47. I think Brownell put it best above…if indeed 47 will speak more in this game, they should space it out. He shouldn’t constantly be speaking about every little thing as you play a mission. I also don’t like monolgues for 47, I think 47’s dialouge works best in short sentences. It should be more sporadic.
To this day, by far my favorite performance from David Bateson as 47 was in Blood Money. I believe they nailed his character in that game, and in my opinion, was perfect. He spoke from time to time, but not too much, and when he did speak, it was short and sweet, but oh so cool.


It’s giving 47 character development. The guy has obviously became more social in the 18 years he’s been Hitmanning.