Something That Has Me Concerned




Props to Bateson, a guy whose literal livelihood comes from talking, for saying his character talks too much. Dude knows the character well. I don’t mind either way, it’ll be cool to explore 47’s personality and mannerisms a little more.


47 or Diana talking too much? Easy fix- just press the Shut-the-fuck-up button on the remote, otherwise known as the mute button. :wink:


I got this from a review:

“One of the first things I noticed when crusing through Miami is that our chameleon assassin is way more talkative now. When he’s in a disguise, he’s unafraid to chat up an NPC and really lean into his role. He strikes me as an overeager theater kid, or I guess, an overeager grim reaper. As a server, he may quip something on-the-nose like, “This food is to die for.” It’s corny, but it adds to the silly fun of the Hitman universe.”



That’s literally a line from 2016.


Look at it this way. 47 is being stalked, hunted, by someone that knows everything about him.

How do you throw someone like that off? Do things you normally don’t.

What is the #1 thing 47 doesn’t really do?


Use the bathroom.:joy:


I have a lot of Showstopper video on my channel that says otherwise! :rofl:


Yeah yeah. Truth be told I like the fact that 47 talks more, it makes him feel like he is both sticking out and fitting in. So long as David does his one job and does it well 47 could perform the entirety of The HMS Pinafore for all I care.


Oh no, I don’t like the sound of that.