Sonic Mania & Sonic Forces


When I was kid, the Sega Mega Drive (or Sega Genesis outside of Europe) was my first console, and ofcourse I owned the Sonic games, and really the 16 bit Sonic games were my very first favourite games and helped me get into gaming, fast forward to today when I have a PS2, PS3 and last year bought a proper high end gaming PC.

While you could say I was a Sonic fan when I was kid, I did watch the several cartoons they made of him at the time, I can’t say I call myself a fan of him now, especially online where the Sonic fandom is quite possibly the most notorious gaming fandom out there.

Still though, I do occasionally play the odd 3D release, and hope that the franchise can one day come back even just a bit close to the golden era of the '90s, and certainly, with the announcements of Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces, it does seem like there is an actual attempt to get the franchise back on track a bit.

Sonic Mania is a 2D 16-bit game, very much in vain of the classic titles, and is in fact essentially being made by Sonic fans turned indie devs, while being published by Sega. It certainly looks very promising, although perhaps the one thing to stop this game essentially becoming Sonic 5 is that half the levels are going to be remixes from older games, like Green Hill Zone from Sonic 1, and Flying Battery Zone from Sonic & Knuckles, but also new zones like Studiopolis Zone and Mirage Saloon Zone.

Granted, I must admit I’m not entirely sure why they’ve gone this route, it seems like only Sonic fans would be interested in seeing past Zones return, and I would of thought every Sonic fan would buy the game on it being a 2D Sonic game alone, but still, the remix Zones do look good. The Green Hill Zone Remix looks like it will very dramatically alter the original, plus it comes with a remixed music track too, so it isn’t just copy and paste.

Mania looks really promising, and personally I hope that if it does well, perhaps Sega could have the confidence to give the devs the keys for making a proper Sonic 5, with no remix levels and really push the envelope.

Sonic Forces is the latest 3D title, and while there isn’t a huge amount of info on it, it does seem like they are trying to attempt to learn from the better 3D titles, like Colours and Generations and seems to have a tone more akin to the Adventure games. Too early to try and make a judgement on it, but again could be interesting.

Just curious if anyone else has any interest in these games, or perhaps just the Sonic franchise in general.


Sonic Mania is just around the corner, with it coming out on Tuesday 15th. Anyone excited? There have been leaks coming out because a few people got the game early, so Sega have uploaded the animated intro sequence onto Youtube offically, which is pretty sweet, and also gives us a taste of what Zones are in the game.

So far, the Zones that are basically known about are:

Sonic 1: Green Hill Zone
Sonic 2: Chemical Plant Zone
Sonic CD: Stardust Speedway Zone
Sonic 3: Hydrocity Zone
Sonic & Knuckles: Flying Battery Zone
Sonic & Knuckles: Lava Reef Zone

Original: Studiopolis Zone
Original: Mirage Saloon Zone
Original: A Zone set in a snowy Japanese garden, seen in concept art in the instruction manual handed out at SDCC.
Original: 2-3 more Zones as seen in the rings in the animated opening. (At the 0:50 mark.)

There have been some vague comments about the game being the length of Sonic 3 & Knuckles. S3&K had 25 acts spread over 14 Zones, and we do know that the Zones in Sonic Mania should almost all have 2 acts, so it really does seem like it should be nearly the same amount of levels.


Already pre-ordered Sonic mania:)


Cool man, what version? Because they have just announced that the PC version is being delayed to the 29th of August, which was the version I was going to get.


Ps4. I love the original Sonic trilogy. My favorite is protably 2. Only Modern Sonic games that i have played are Sonic Generations and Sonic 4. I know that Mania is going to be really good Sonic game for long time because its made by the guys who made Sonic CD for consoles like Ps3 and Xbox 360 and they made two first Sonic games to phones


I love the Sonic trilogy too, and again, my favourite would probably be 2 as well. I really do have high hopes for the game. According to Metro, the review embargo will be lifted on Monday 14th, so I guess we’ll find out just how awesome the game is then, and whether or not if IGN will try and trash it.


This is the best reason why i believe Sonic Mania is in good hands:) I know its old deleted level from original but i still count it as new level


Spoiler for the opening animation. Basically looking at the Zones shown in the opening animation.


Hydrocity AND Lava Reef? Now those two I’d been hoping for and we’re getting that, it’s wonderful.
Totally hyped for this. I’ll actually be getting it for the Switch, I ordered one in advance for my birthday (probably will arrive much earlier, but hey) and it’ll be a good one to have for these early days of owning it. Splatoon 2 and that will be what keeps it alive until I start getting more stuff.


I hope you have lots of fun Tora. Sadly like I said earlier, I have to wait until the 29th. Be sure to report back on how much fun you’re having and how you think it compares to the other classic Sonic titles.


I’m really excited for this. I can’t decide whether I should get it for PC right away, or whether I should wait until next month when I plan to get a Switch.


The PC version is delayed due to optimization issues, so it doesn’t come out til August 29th I’m afraid.


The review embargo has been lifted, so if you have a favourite reviewer, you should see their review up now. Be interesting to see what the overall Metacritic scores will be.

Launch trailer out too, basically a mash up of the animated opening and some new footage, including showing off 2 Zones that havn’t been offically revealed yet. Might be worth avoiding if you’re playing tomorrow actually.


Metacritic score seems to be balancing out at around the 85 mark, which is pretty great. Scores are ranging from 70-100, with most being 80-90. Havn’t seen any score outrageously low yet.


It seems the official Metacritic score for the game is 86, and perhaps most surprising of all, IGN has given Sonic Mania an 87 out of a 100. Perhaps they realised how much people gave them shit over their claims that Sonic was never good and felt the need to appease them.

Some good reviews out there from what I gather, Dunky has a good review of it on Youtube although he does show footage from nearly all the Zones.

Personally, I cannot wait to gets my hands on this on the 29th, I’m just glad it really does seem to be the true Sonic 4. I hope you guys have been having fun with it.


I’m excited for Sonic Forces. I’ll be picking it up for my Switch.


Sonic Forces will probably be a wait and see title for me. I feel like the Sonic 3D titles just don’t have the consistency for me to put faith in a pre-order. If it’s good, I might get it for myself as a Christmas gift.

However, it does seem like they are trying to take the good from Generations and Colours and built on top of that. I also really like how Sega finally seem willing to utilise the larger cast again. Ever since the failure of Sonic '06, they seem to have really taken to heart about people complaining about the large amount of secondary characters and really got rid of them for a while, with Unleashed and Colours focusing mainly on Sonic, Tails and Eggman.

Forces seems like the first game in a while that feels comfortable enough to bring a lot of them back, even if just as NPCs, not to mention the very fan fictiony plot of all of Sonic’s villians teaming up, plus the new edgelord villian Infinite.

I imagine with Mania out now, we’ll start to hear more and more info on Forces soon.


Completed twice because: Game is really fuking good and Knuckles has Two New levels and Bosses


My collection edition will come to Russia in september… So long(


With Mania out, it seems we’re now finally starting to get some more Sonic Forces info coming in. First of all, it has a release date for November 7th in the West and the 9th in Japan.

Second, it has been revealed that a 4th style of gameplay is going to be in the game called tag team, where the Avatar character and Modern Sonic are teamed up together to do a stage. A little game clip shows it off, although really I’m not too sure what it adds exactly that the Modern Sonic and Avatar stages don’t do by themselves, especially since the game automatically switches the 2 characters for you. The menu screen showing the 4 game styles off looks like it can fit in another couple of options, although it wouldn’t surprise me if we see the return of challenges from Sonic Generations.

Finally, we got a new bit of the OST out, which will be the theme when you fight Metal Sonic, which is a remix of the theme when you fight him in Sonic CD.