SONKO Challenges

I really tried playing challenge #9, but my game crashes whenever I throw the hatchet, throw a briefcase with the hatchet in it, or vault over a fence with (a briefcase with) a hatchet (in it)). I guess this could be considered a “no acrobatics” and “no throwing” escalation and I invite you to try it, but unfortunately I myself was not up to the task.

I did want to submit something for this nice contract so I took the liberty of recreating it without the hatchet and only the fire axe, and obviously without having the audacity to call it an official SONKO Challenge. I do think if you consider the hatchet can be carried in a briefcase, both contracts are not overly different. Getting the fire axe at Jed was the slightly trickier part.

I leave it up to you guys whether this submission can be considered as a successful completion of the challenge. I don’t know whether the problem lies with my particular Xbox One S, but overheating is not the issue because I started playing it as soon as I booted it up.


Very nicely done. To be honest, before I learned you can dual wield the fire axe and a briefcase by watching some of yellow_zr1’s video, I wondered why the creator didn’t just use a fireaxe. I think it’s slightly more challenging how you completed it.

It’s a nice contract that way too, honestly. But now that I know I do quite like the gimmick, and how it added a new twist to the SONKO’s.

I completed it, around 6:50. Wasn’t really trying to optimize anything or whatever. Might try so later. But the contract is way better this way. Good job @Tigh_Himes!

I think it is not that much harder to complete it and not do any of the things you mentioned (backyard doors I’m thinking, I could be wrong), but I wouldn’t ask you to do that again.


SONKO Challenge #9 (3.11)

@Tigh_Himes: I spent a crazy amount of time on this just to shave off a few seconds. It was a lot of fun though! :sunglasses:

@Franz: You should report the issue with your Xbox crashing when you have the old axe equipped in the bug thread. It probably won’t make any difference, and you may have already tried it, but have you tried power-cycling your Xbox?


My bad if this is trash - didn’t run it too much as I’m not long in off the back of an overnight jaunt and some drinks/catch-up earlier alongside some 100p Smirnoffs. :partying_face:

Whittleton: the mellow Colorado. :smile:
:+1: @Tigh_Himes


Yes, I tried that, to no avail. I reported it in the bug thread but it seems the problem only occurs on my system so I’m not even sure IO can do anything about it.

In any case, I did complete the original contract on Xbox, no acrobatics and no throws. A bit tedious so I didn’t upload a video but you can find me on the Xbox leaderboards (somewhere near the bottom). That little cross signifying “failed contract” in my contract history was simply bugging me too much :smiley: All that said, great contract Tigh_Himes !


SONKO Challenge #10

Xbox: 3-21-3386645-05
PC: 1-21-5495330-54 (Thanks, @MrWaterhandle)
PS4: 2-21-5273005-21 (Cheers, @Yellow_ZR1)

Targets: All three can be found in the room with the large mirror where you can meet Sophia Washington when disguised as Nathaniel Blake. The room leads off the area with the domed displays, requiring a security card to enter by the main door; the main security room can be found in the adjoining room.


I had a headstart because when looking for “SONKO” I had already encountered it in my search results :angel:

Very fun contract @Euler13, can’t wait to see how you pros will speed it up :wink:

SONKO Challenge #10: 4:17


Well, I’m late to this but just wanted to add, that the game crashes sometimes (EDIT: most of the time) on my PS4 as well when I have the hatchet in a container and want to throw a coin :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


SONKO Challenge #9 3:41


SONKO #10 for PC: 1-21-5495330-54

Got 4:26 using a pretty safe strat, but got a body found and have absolutely no clue why.

I simply waited for Hayes to turn away from the couch, place a coin on the ground for him to return, fiber wired Anderson and dragged him behind the table, and quickly picked up his weapon. He doesn’t spot him on his return, because otherwise he wouldn’t give a shit about the coin, right? No bodies found message whatsoever. Anyway, fiber wired the rest, nobody noticed. I hid the bodies to give myself more time for exiting. Body found in the final score. What?

I’ll try some more to get my original strat working, but it’s being so obnoxiously inconsistent. Idea is to simply shoot the chandelier for Hayes, wait until both guards are at the location, flashbang and shoot both in the face. Or bring two throwable weapons for fun. I get searching mode with guards storming in… sometimes. Does anyone know what triggers the searching mode for flashbang? Is it where it’s thrown? Got inconsistent results doing that. Is it when they call for help after the effect of the flash wanes? Didn’t seem consistent either.

I hate this game sometimes. It’s not the contract btw, don’t get me wrong. Hopefully I’ll actually find out what I’m doing wrong next time.


SONKO #10 now available on PS4: 2-21-5273005-21


Well, I’m still quite bad at SONKO as you can tell, but I’ll keep trying, bc I really love watching SONKO runs and would like to get better at it :slightly_smiling_face:…so far only completed #8 and #10 SA, will try #9 again tomorrow, hopefully no crashes…enjoyed playing all of them!



The satisfaction in seeing those five stars at the end is enormous, isn’t it? Especially when you know you’ve accomplished something so demanding. Nicely done!

We have a stupid and false saying in England: Practice makes perfect. Perfection is impossible, so I prefer to live by the saying: Practice, patience, and perseverance makes proficient. You will surprise yourself at how you will get better and the best way to improve at Hitman is to learn from others. I owe so much to many other players who help me to continue to get better and I look forward to continue improving even further. I know other games have their fair share, but in all my years of gaming I’ve found the Hitman community to be one of the most encouraging in helping each other improve and generous in their willingness to share ideas and strategies.


I’ll be back home on Monday, so I’ll hopefully get to give this a go then!


Thank you for your encouraging words and for creating this thread :blush: Getting five stars seems still very unreal to me sometimes :woozy_face:, but with lots more practice and careful planning, I hope to get better :joy::see_no_evil: Yeah, it’s a very helpful and humorous community :slightly_smiling_face:



Get three headshots and a satisfying SA rating this time. :sunglasses:

At first glance I thought there might be long distance chandelier kills on the cards, but I couldn’t find an angle. :unamused: There is a 2:22 on the board, this one was a cleaner run. The timing on main target laydee arriving seems to vary by a few seconds with this route. There’s something really satisfying about this start on Sgail - I really like it. :grin:

:+1: @Euler13

Honestly that run solidfies this as a great contract for me. I’ve been wondering if it was even possible to prevent Sophia from forcing you to wait, trying some kind of target lockdown from the keep, I had written off using the chapel start altogether, that’s awesome!

Anyway, got it done.

What I did:

keep start, super secret boys early arrival through window, almost get spotted there as Hayes turns around, so he moves to the window. Leave coin just in case. Push him out at right moment using magical instinct and somehow not get spotted, Sophia moves out with her guard finally, shoot others in head, get out and use magical object permanence erasing of exit so no bodies were found.


Magical object permanence erasing what? :-p

I was just joking about how bodies will not get found if you exit soon enough, because why would they? I wasn’t there.