SONKO Challenges

I hope no one minds me doing so many, but I’d love to claim my precious number 13. :heart_eyes:


I personally don’t mind it!
And now I understand why you felt so eager in explaining me why I should go ahead and claim 12. :smiley:



That wasn’t my intention, honestly, but it certainly worked out that way. I’ll take a break after this one. I also noticed that I managed to bag the first four triangle numbers: 1, 3, 6, and 10.

I :heart: numbers.


I would like to claim #14.

Here’s a run of #1.


SONKO Challenge #10


SONKO Challenge 12

Location: Sapienza

No kill method restrictions because the battle and fire axes didn’t truly feel like an additional challenge, but bonus points if you do use either :-p

Also plays with the upstairs-downstairs idea like my Paris SONKO, though I think this one might be a bit easier.

Hope you like!

Xbox ID: 3-03-2634873-09
PS4 ID: 2-03-3985864-21
(thank you @Yellow_ZR1)
PC ID: 1-03-8967737-29 (thank you @Toto)

Targets: Guard of Silvio’s bedroom and one of the Lab guys who takes a shower close to the trio.


And it’s live on PS4: 2-03-3985864-21


I see that we had kind of a similar run. All though it was smarter of you to wait and don’t rush through the tower guard so you didn’t have to wait for Sophia.
I didn’t even know about that window to the helicopter area. I wouldn’t either try to exit that way because I would’ve never thought of an explosion to run past everyone lol.
Great run :+1:

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SONKO Challenge #12 (2:26)

Loved doing this, wound up turning into a SSA.

Urg the video skips quite a bit towards the end.


Impressive! especially the guard kill, never knew there was a window to shoot through.

SONKO Challenge #12: Shining Samurai Edition! (05:12)

Double katana melee kills! :sunglasses: Thanks for giving us freedom to choose approaches, @Franz!

@Yellow_ZR1 and @rattleshnake saw your times on the leaderboard and was like: I need to watch these videos :smirk: Very impressive and innovative!!
Couldn’t tweak mine more (basic SA, fiber wire and accident, 6:03), but felt like uploading it, as I’ll be away from my ps4 for two weeks :pensive:

@Franz Nicely chosen targets! :smiley:

Had a quick blast on this today before the servers go down, as I was busy on FIFA yesterday; it could do with tidying up, but here’s something for #11:

@Toto :+1:


Again, this run of #12 could do with some sharpening up brothers, but I’ve endured Avengers: Endgame this evening with pre-teens asking a lot of MU questions. :sweat_smile:

Enjoyed it though:

:+1: @Franz


Hi everyvone I recreated The #12 on pc
ID : 1-03-8967737-29
Enjoy !


Why didn’t you just take 14?

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because this is a surprise for euler and this is euler13 not euler14 :wink:

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hi (again) there is my strat for the #12
very nice contract @Franz
(sorry for the bad quality of the video)


I am sorry to say this, Toto. But taking away someone’s already claimed position seems inappropriate, especially since it is his lucky number. Now, I’ll wait for Euler to respond, then deciding whether to recreate your contract.


but i take one day to do this contract I thought my idea was cool

Whereas it was very kind of you to create a contract with a surprise connection to E for Euler, you shouldn’t really be taking numbers that have already been claimed. Obviously I’m a little disappointed that you took my number, but it’s done now. I’ve edited the first post (as I always do to keep track of the numbers and links to the post where they appear) and I’ll claim #15, which is some consolation because it’s the next triangle number; I’ll have done 1, 3, 6, 10, and 15.

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